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Is my technique ok / product advise?

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Off to halfords in a moment to buy some more cleaning stuff. I've been using meguires NXT shampoo and it lasts ages but have ready lots of comments that say it leaves the paintwork dull/smeary (which i can agree on after washing my girlriends ka for the first time the other day). Would the meguires gold class be much better or is there a better alternative.

I have the meguires clay kit which i used recently, AG SRP and EGP and a collenite wax. Is this stuff all ok for a beginner?

I also have a meguires polish (stage 2 iirc) but it seems difficult to buff off. Which is best out of SRP and the megs stuff?

Whats the best way to apply polish by hand. I've been using a microfibre pad and working it well into the paintwork (until i cant work it anymore - it becomes stiff on the paintwork). Then buff it off with a microfibre towel??

Waxing i use a foam applicator and apply with a side to side motion. Then let it set for 15-20 mins and buff off with a microfibre towel. Is this ok?

Thanks Tom
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Yeah everything your doing sounds good to me. I personally use gold class and have done for about a year now very good stuff to use. I also use SRP as its easy to work with. Only thing i can advise is getting some nice soft plush microfiber drying and detailing towels to buff excess polish/wax off.

to dry:

to polish and wax excess:
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Polish should be worked until it disappears. You're using too much if it's drying before you've finished working it.
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cheers guys thats what i wanted to hear. i was also advised to spray the applicator pad lightly with detailer/water to avoid dust build up. is this recommended?
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It doesn't stop dust build up.

It makes it easy to glide over the paintwork. It's dry at first and can feel like its getting stuck.
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I always imagined it helped with panel temp too via machine but that could be just wishfull thinking.
  Bumder With A Buffer
In a way. The polish is the lubricant (obviously)

If you just plonked some polish on a pad and started to pc you could well scratch the paintwork as some pads can be quite course.
For my SRP i use the AG polish cloth, which to me is just like a bandage... is that any good? Seems to work fine like..