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Its so difficult too decide what car to buy !!!!!!!

Im going through hell guys....

Seat Leon cupra
Clio 172 mk1
Civic Type R
V6 4 motion

I had decided on the CTR for a while, but now the price of the mk1 clio is tempting me in her direction (10k)especailly with all the goodies. although i am a little worried about build quality when it comes to the clio !!

please help guys ... i can afford the others but i will give myself alot more leverage if i buy the clio ..... opinions please ....

Seat Leon cupra - Do you want and need 4 doors?

Clio 172 mk1 - Why not get a brand new one, but cool choice all the same.

Civic Type R - Fantastic engine, need to rev the nuts off it all the time, but the handling is so anal.

V6 4 motion - I thought you wanted a performance car!! Seriously if you want performance 4*4, do it properly, not the Golf. Its pants!!

We in here may be a bit biased, but I would go in the following order:

Clio 172
Leon Cupra
V6 Golf

The clio on a bang for buck and fun basis wipes the floor with all of the others there, and the build quality is not all that bad, provided you are happy to turn up the stereo a bit if one or two rattles appear in the dash or doors.

Believe me, when you are driving it you do not notice the little rattles and the fun factor in the clio compared to the others is no contest. In ure performance terms the CTR is possibly slightly quicker, but in real terms they are equally matched, and thus the fun factor of the 172 makes it the obvious choice in my eyes.

Plus the scene with the Clios is brilliant, and nothing with the others either exists or comes close to the fun we have meeting up etc.
  172 Cup

Seat- Disgustingly ugly, should be banned, god I hate this peice of crap.
Golf- Stereotypical managers car, looks good on paper, sh!te on the reality.
Civic- Good performance, 4 wheels, steering wheel, few seats... Thats about it for £16K.



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Just my opinions, but...

Seat Leon cupra -

Basically a VW and so will be built very well. Great engine too, good power and lots of torque, plus soooo easy to tune up.

Clio 172 mk1 -

Can get these very cheap now if you look round and for the money it is a lot of car. I use a mk1 172 now and again and have done track time with it and they do understeer and the gearing is too high IMO, but Ive heard the mk2 is better.

Civic Type R -

Have you been in one yet?!

My mate just got one and it was quicker than I expected. Compared to the mk1 172 I drive it is quicker, no doubt, but still not 100% sold on the looks.

V6 4 motion -

Nice "luxury" car, but not a real sporty motor. Sure, it;s got a powerful engine, but the handling is poor and Id not bother.

is the performanace between a CTR and 172 that noticeable ?? i mean can someone confirm that the clio is a sub 7 second car to 60..? on the paper the clio looks like it can compete well against the CTR and subarus etc...

One conselation with going with an older 172 is that the previous owner probably sorted out all the problems from new ?

To be honest - I would get another 172 as everytime I look at it (when clean esp) and everytime I drive it I love it.

Next would be the Seat - I think its quite nice and pretty quick - Id have to see one in person and drive one to back this up though.

Golfs are supposed to be built well - but are heavy. Nice but nothing special.

And lastly the CTR, for some reason I cant get to like this car. Maybe its because its a bit big and a bit raw - i like my toys

Hope this helps. (Also, this is a clio forum so most people will be picking that )
  172 Cup

Jock if its the price that is tempting you towards a Mk1 172 then how the hell are you going to be able to afford a CTR,4motion or Seat??

If you have got 10k to spend then buy the 172 and be happy. Your not going to get a better car for the money.

whats wrong with buying a similar performing car for cheaper .. the fact that i can afford the others doesnt mean i should get one ... i just want to make sure im getting a good deal.. i can spend up too 16k but if i only spend 10k on a car and can be happy with it for the next 2 years then i would call that a result.. i just dont want to have any regrets .. i have an opportunity to choose a car that i really want and im just unsure what to do ..all i know if i want a car that can compete against the big boys .... and can piss on BMWs hehehehe

Just to add to this, I currently drive a Golf VR6 Highline so (for those who dont know them, the MK3 shape Golf with a 174bhp 2.8 engine).

I looked at getting a 4motion but although they are more powerful, something is lost somewhere along the way as they are not nearly as nippy as my VR6...

also, in my opinion, the MK4s just dont look as nice...

anyway..Im looking to be changing the Golf and getting a MK1 172 instead just because it will be a lot cheaper to run and fuel....and will be faster.. the VR6 weighs nearly 2000kg as opposed to the 1035kg (or whatever) for the Clio

the 172 is a lovely car, but id have to go with the CTR. guy in my work has just bought one and its a lovely looking motor, but its all about the engine. its honda, nuff said.

The interior is a bit of a let down, my dad drives a civic executive and it is far nicer, problem with the CTR is there is too much aliminium, looks a bit tacky to be honest.

But still a lovely looking motor.

you also have to compare the reliabilty issues with honda and renault. i dont want to start a raging debate, but you cant deny renault arent the most reliable of cars.
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Why not go balls out and buy a second hand Westfield!! Or try and find a Spider, sod the wife and kids!


Sorry I though you could afford the £22k for the 4 motion. If it was my £16k I would go for the CTR.

Having had the Exclusive along with all the toys that it comes with (Leather etc) I am not to disapointed to loose them when I get my CTR. Cant deny the clio is amazing value for money and I have enjoyed every second of driving it but Renault have somewhat tainted my experience.

Good luck on deciding, I know it was not easy for me but at the end of the day I went with my heart rather than my head.

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Leon Cupra NO, Cupra R maybe
CTR God no,
4Mortion good god no
MK1 172 Hmmmm
MK2 172 Yes
Audo S3 God yes
Evo VI good god yes

Just look at the price and make up your mind.

As for performance difference in a straight line the CTR will be faster but most roads have a few bends once ina while so performance difference between CTR and 172 neglible!!!!!

If I had the choice back in Oct 2001, I would probably save up another grand to make £17K and go for the Leon CupraR. My reasons are:
210bhp thats easily tuneable to 260+bhp, its the same engine as the Audi S3/TT 225bhp
german build quality - better built than the Clio and the CTR,
has 18" wheels, brembo brakes
comes fully kitted with everything bar SatNav,
no one has a CupraR yet so very rare on the roads,
and potentially faster than all the other cars you listed,
Also I think you can get them imported for around £15K OTR.

Although there are bargains to be had buying second hand, you cant beat getting a brand new car that no one else has driven/ragged the pants off it, no dodgy smells, or have dubious service history, or scratches, dents chips or possibly past accident damage.
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Depends on money. I like the Cupra R. A lot of tuning potential and handy if youve got a lot of passengers.

If I was spending less Id get the 172, you cant really get much more car for your money I dont think.


  Shiny red R32

Dont bother with a V6 4 motion - too heavy and quite sluggish, more fun can be had with the nippy little 172!