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Just brought a 5GTT today!


I have offically made my 11th car purchase today!!! Its a Renault 5 GTT.

Its not as good as it sounds though!! Its only got 3 months MOT. Cracked Head, No tax and hasnt moved in 6 months! :sick:

You may be thinking why have i brought this dog!! Well the answer is its only cost me £70!!

Its Red (slightly faded), F reg, 81k with 2 owners from new. The current owner is around 50 so it aint been ragged!! Not a single scratch or dent on the body work but 2 slight bits of bubble rust.

Cant wait to get the head sorted then i got 3 months of driving then i can decide whether to try to get it through the MOT or sell it for parts.


Yeah but for £70 you cant go wrong, Can u?

Its going straight to a mate who is a machanic and if he says it aint wourth fixing it i will sell the parts.

You think of all the stuff on it i could sell.







Scorpion Exhaust,



Would have thought i could get most of my £70 back if not all in parts.

It starts fine. You just need to give it a bit of a rev and then it idles perfectly.

Its got full service history. The bloke sold it due to he lost interest in replacing the gasket. He brought a vectra now.

I bought my mk1 golf for the same and i turned it to something good, but then i stripped it so bare not much could go wrong! I guess youre right then!

Easily make your money back in parts mate, 1st dibs on the turbo if you do!! Whereabouts is the car mate? My mate is really into his five and will do a mobile head gasket change and he can get the parts cheap as he works for andys spares.

Nice 1.

My mate who is having a gander is also a 5GTT nutt!! He has just said he will give me £100 for the car if it aint worth fixing as he wants the starter etc and rest for parts for his.

The car is in Saffron Walden mate. Nr Stansted!!

Dont know mate.

Did consider the GTT conversion but i think it maybe taking your car backwards. The 16v lump is a complex engine and a good1 and changing it for a old 5gtt seems unlogical. May be wrong though!!

you swapping a 93 1800cc lump for a 89 1400cc lump plaus handing over a substantial lump of cash to do so!


Yeah use it for a conversion mate when the MOT is up, you can then compare between the valver and the GTT, as you will have had a few months in the GTT so you will know whether you want it in your Clio!

So thats why i hope this 5 is good enough to fix!! If so i will drive it in the winter and have the Clio for the summer!! Cant loose. Wicked fun!

If its got a cracked head, what is the worst damage it could have? Also how much to fix. My mate charges bout £10 per hour labour

You need a new head mate, get onto and get a second hand one, get it pressure tested etc make sure all the valves are ok and then put it on, check the pistons are all ok, find out what cracked the head, is the cooling system knackered?

Say i get it fixed for £150,

Another £150 for MOT and work that needs doing

Rust sorted £100

May phase1 clio wheels reconed and fitted £100

All together it will cost around £500

If you saw the condition of the car then you could beleive me that you could sell it for around £1000 fixed up. The shell really is a minter.

Get yourself down to its the owner club for all Renault turbos, but 90% are 5 turbo owners. Around 1200 members now, and a very helpfull site.

£10 to join up for a year, and you can pay on-line. The amount of info you will get from people on there will mean you will save 100 times what you pay for being a member, trust me. !

£500 for the donor car, but cancel that out as I can sell my 16v engine and all the other bits for around £450, then sell the 5 shell, interior and all the other bits and bobs for around £200, and then the basic price of the conversion is about a £1000 but dont quote me on that!! But before it goes in I am going to get the uprated head gasket and bolts done, get an uprated clutch for it, strap and flow the intercooler (If I dont get a front mount), my donor car has had a recent rebuild as well so it should be OK *fingers crossed*!!

Sorry @ Torsion Tuning, they have done the conversion before, I know EP in Stoke are currently doing the conversion for someone as well but I would prefer to use Torsion as they have the knowledge needed to do the conversion.


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ur fat ass valver will never beat my tin foil 5! ive taken my door cards off to save weight

Well actually i took them off to fit speakers and when i put them back on the dorrs wont close!
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I would keep the GTT and make it mint mate. Use it as a project car mate!!!

I am thinking of doing the same myself. Going to have a gandr at one tonite. Got a double garage to work on it in. Plus want to learn about engines and so forth. Why not start here!

yeah. I always wanted one as a project car but i cant even afford my valver really let alone having both as projects.

Could just do it on the cheap. Use my wheels for both as only one car can be on the rd at any one point. Respay with my mate is £400 on one of these or he just done a flip on his 5 and it is the nutts and he would do it for £800.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Hehe neither can I. The bit that was sucked into my valver has caused some damage. Head being taken off in the next few days! So need to prepare the bank account.

Old man is keen on doing up the Ren 5 with me so he may well pay for a lot of things!! I HOPE!!!

I hope by Easter when i get back to my home town from uni the 5gtt will be fixed and ready to go.

Just going to leave it with my mate and tell him to get me a price. If its worth fixing leave it with him and tell him to sort it by easter.

Turbo power here i come