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leccys, to be or not

right - i was up at gordon lamb the other day and i caught my first glimpse of a clio cup.
now although i like the 172 i never saw it as a car that stood out that much. (no offence to 172 owners) but sat right outside parts dept. was a brand new met blue cup. and i have to say - OMG WOW.

now black cars are my colour, but this in blue looked stunning, really taken back. had a good gander round the interior and the bits of blue brushed aluminium look so sweet............and then, i noticed, its had leccy windows?

now i thought they didnt have any of that, or is it u can add to it what u want for the extra money?

oh and also, do they only come in that blue colour?


They come with electric windows and mirrors and some "luxuries"! The key nice bits that get the chop are the air con, the thicker glass, a rear bench without headrests (even the basic 1.2s get headrests!) and some of the heavier soundproofing material.

My last Clio (a 1.2!) had windy windows and I hated them. Im the sort of person that likes all my windows open when crusing along the dual carriageway/country roads!
  Clio 197

I really like crank windows on a performance car. There is something about knowing that the doors are just that little bit lighter that makes me feel good.

Only thing better is perspex with a strap to pull it up. But the perspex gets a little hazy with time.



They have electric windows as all the current clios have them and it would have been to expensive to design a manually operated system!

And yes, they only come in mondial blue.