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Legal or not so Legal That is the Question

Can anyone who has a private plate advise me on what is and what is not legal with regards to what I can put on it. Ive been onto GTGraffix and they have been very vague as to what I can have and what i cant. guess they want a sale!

Basically what im after is a change in font ( not drastic though ) with a picture to the left of the three lions and an st georges flag. Was going to get a nice scantily clad woman ghosted on there but didnt get planning permission from Her indoors...

Thanks in advance


ghosting is not a problem, and font isnt too much of a problem provided it is still clear and satisfies the spacing and size regs, GT Grafix will do plates as you like but will only say the are for show use, they did mine for me, had them on the car for a year no probs whatsoever from the police etc. with my dodgy spacing but it did fail the MOT on it.

  BMW 320d Sport

Theyve really tightened up lately - basically you cannot have anything except the standard font, standard size, standard spacing and the option of a Euro flag with the GB letters on the side. Nothing else is allowed, its as simple as that AFAIK.

The maker of the plate has to have their business name and postcode on the bottom of the plate.