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LiquidYellDan's 182 Thread

Have owned this for about 3 months now. Paid 3.5k if anyone cares.:p 52k on it when bought. Great drive.
Owned a few performance cars in past. This is a 2nd car for me, main cars an Astra VXR Nurburgring.
Always owned performance cars, have had an impreza turbo, mini Cooper S r53, a mk2 golf gti 20v turbo, astra Sri 150 cdti.
Starting to do a few bits slowly to the Clio now so thought I'd start posting. Will be very slow progress as I work away from home Mon to sat. :(
Car came with ktec exhaust, wind deflectors, and colour matched interior strips. Nothing else done to it that I'm aware of.
Pics of when I'd just bought it. All pics are taken with phone. Will have to take it out for a photo shoot with my decent cam. But as mentioned, I barely have time to clean it never mind photos too! :thumbdown:


Did a thread for the headlight restoration (don't know how tongue link to it, I'm a forum noob). But here's a quick before after. They were ruined....


Gear insert was LY and not best finish either. So tried black with yellow decals. Looks good I think. Not keen on raised feel of vinyl though but hey, it's a diy job so never gonna be factory std.
Had the melty steering wheel too. I've scrapped the lumpy bits off and sanded with wet and dry and it's massive improvement. No pics of that though.
Interior door pulls lacquer is all tatty too so have taken these off car so will try to strip them through the week and paint them. Thinking gloss black. Will hopefully have then done by end of week and can fit them back to car when I get home weekend. Here's how tatty they look.

Interior strips were sprayed but wasn't happy with finish. Their done now, LY again. Was late last night when I fitted them so didn't get a pic. Will have to wait till next weekend to get pics fitted.
Here's the 1 stripped.

Had 2 costs primer. Dried. Flatted. 2 coats LY, left few days. Flatted. 1 coat LY then 2 coat lacquer. Look a lot better. Could do with a good polish to even out lacquer. Pics to follow next weekend.
Almost forgot. Did the front badge black too.

I cleaned did a quick clean. Cars desperately in need of a clay but ran out of time. Managed to clay n polish boot and back bumper. Massive improvement, was like 200g sandpaper before!!


Didn't bother cleaning wheels much. They need a refurb.
Need to autosol exhaust too.

Would like to lower it a bit. Test drove a trophy too, loved the seats and transforms the way car feels. So will look to get some buckets for this. Turbo would be nice too. Lol :)
Placed a large order to get things going on the Clio.

Full brake setup from G 172
Thought I'd be different with this one... :p
Brembo HC with ds2500. Rear Renault discs Brembo pads. Braided lines. Super blue.
Dan@M.A.D supplied 20mm front and 15mm rear spacers.

Comp brakes gold solid top mounts.

renault wolverhampton supplied me with 4 new cup shocks for 165! Bargain.
Cooksport for the springs.

Basically Clio by numbers. Lol. Totally original setup. :p

Going down the tried and tested route.
Door pulls primed :

Painted :

Lacquered (top ones after flatting back, rubbing compound then polish. Bottom ones lacquer after flatting):

Fitted :

Turned out well but took hours and hours to complete them.... I wouldnt advise doing it. Just get them dipped or buy new ones. Lol.
Lots of awkward curves and corners.

Just got to do handles and backing plates now to match. Black back but not sure what to do handle. Silver again maybe?


ClioSport Club Member
  LY 200 EDC
Very nice indeed, be interested to see it when the spacers and springs are fitted with the original wheels still on.
Yeah. Next week should have them fitted. Hope they don't rub. 20 and 15 seem to be the most popular so I'm assuming there's no rubbing issue.

Finished spraying the interior strips too. They still need flatting back, rubbing and polishing. Will look a good job then.
  GTD, Lupo
Looking good! Im currently on the lookout for a LY and i can't wait to get one! Good job keep it up.
Bought some meguiars gold class leather cleaner after someone's recomendation on here.
Came up well even with just a quick wipe on, buff off jobby.


This sat coming will be fitting my springs, shocks, discs, pads, hoses, fluid, top mounts and spacers! Will be a busy day! :)