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LiquidYellDan's 182 Thread

Love the centre caps on the F1's, suit the car so well.
Cheers mate. They do look great. [emoji5]
Were a pain to get though! The wheels came with 3 original caps.

Had the badges shipped from Portugal, then tried 3 different universal type center caps, all failed miserably, no where near a correct fit

Ended up getting 1 more original to make up the set of 4.... and then removed the original silver OZ badges and fitted the yellow OZ ! [emoji53]

Worth the effort though. [emoji41]
Loving the F1s on the car! The wife doesn't like them , says they look tiny [emoji5]

I love them though, look tougher and meatier than standard.
Makes the car look a little less girly too, more purposeful and aggressive!


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  2003 Clio 1.2
Can never decide on which colour is my favourite out of liquid yellow and racing blue they are both beautiful! Love this car by the way
Few little updates.
Bored at my digs every night so....
Stayed behind after work to clean the engine bay. Really needed doing! Spent over 2 hours (where the time went I don't know!) Got into the nooks by suspension struts etc and polished AC pipes. Underside of bonnet was filthy!!



Came up lovely. [emoji5] Still hate the silver inlet and fuel guard.

Sold the S2000 [emoji17]
Picked up the replacement this Saturday.
An Audi S3. 09 reg. 37k. FASH. Etc. Not driven it much yet. Had a drive through hay on Wye and brecon etc. Holds the road well and it's quite quick. Nice place to be, interiors lovely.
(Can't upload any pics)
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Picked the Audi up Sat then Spent most of Sunday on the clio.

Finally got round to painting the inlet and fuel rail! Also did the brake calipers which needed doing badly.
Was tempted to do yellow but resisted. Decided on either silver or black..... couldn't decide between them so went for lead grey! Got the heat resist paint off ebay [emoji5] Its different, but I like it. 2 coats of this was plenty, it's thick like enamel paint.

Another thing bugging me is the fading plastics, mainly the exhaust surrounds. Been meaning to satin black them for a while, so tested the water by doing the surrounds first. Came out great and am very pleased will be doing the rest of the plastics in time. Did 2 costs primer, 2 of satin B.

Inlet was painted in Peugeot metallic Graphite Grey, from halfords. Primered. 3 light coats of grey and 2 light lacquer while paint was still damp. Came out lovely. May cut and polish the lettering in a week or so after paint hardens. May not though, looks good as it is too.

I did intend to paint the inlet and fuel with the same paint I did the calipers in.... was a failure though!
Did the fuel guard first, wasn't happy with Finnish. As it's so thick and applying by brush didn't leave a nice finish. Plus it had a slight green tone to it.

Rather than strip the paint off I cheated. Cheating never works with paint... lol. I tried to flat the paint and go over with the new grey spray. While flatting off I must have exposed bare metal and paint ended up with patchy spots. Didn't think it needed primer with the layer of paint already on the guard.
So will have to remove this and use some paint stripper on it now! Oh well.
Excuse the dirty car.
So, the pics:


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ClioSport Club Member
Nice one mate. Despite the 'failures' (your words, not mine!) I think the engine bay looks much better now. Congrats on the new purchase, too... I hear they are quite nice those S3's :)
Cheers buddy. Will look tidy once I sort the fuel guard.
S3s very nice. Not as involved as the Honda, naturally.
But it's quick and capable if a little uninspiring, as are most hot hatches these days.

It's a lovely car, Looks gorgeous and the Quattro will come in handy in winter. The wife s***s herself with RWD in winter. Lol.
Been getting around in the clio of recent! Nice to use it for something other than a motorway mile muncher for a change!! :p

Went to castle combe spring action day a few weekends back. Was going to go on track but the action was a little frantic for my liking! Lol. Was on a local club stand for the day.


Had a brilliant drive home though twisty cross country in chepstow/usk area. :cool:

Another shot of the clio and Audi.
Sunday May 10th I went on a brilliant day out with organized by @dajones Thanks again
Was a joint meet of 197/200 club and clio sport.
Was a great day and a brilliant route! Massive turnout of around 25 cars.

The Clio performed brilliantly again, Love this car! Nice to stretch the legs up through bullith wells, rhyader, elan valley and then around and back down towards abergavenny for me. Had to miss out on black mountains unfortunately.

Few pics. Have some videos to follow once I cut n edit them.
Initial meet in merthyr.


One of the epic convoy filling a massive lay by! :cool:


Few from the stop at elan.

Some seriously nice cars there! A good day out. :cool:
Booked in with two techs in Dartford to get these fitted on Wednesday afternoon. Can't wait! Wish I got it done for the last road trip but hey. (Yes I could diy but working away from home makes it awkward, on your back on axle stands sucks too!):)
Few more lovely snaps of the day out on Sunday. Courtesy of dajones. Cheers


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Just caught up with this. Looks great, nice mods and the road trip looks good fun.
Cheers bud. Road trip was great. :)
Just got back from two techs in Dartford. Fitted my poly bushed dog bone mount and my new modded scenic shifter.

Funny thing, chatting to Terry at two techs.... 3 of the 197\200 clios that came to the drive on weekend are from Essex area , and they all have their cars serviced by two techs. :cool: Small world!

First impressions on dog bone. Car/box feels tighter and more rigid when accelerating/ deceleration but now have vibrations at low speeds/revs. Wife hates the car already, que more moaning about it! Lol!

Shifter is in a superb position now. Much more natural shift. Tighter and is shorter shift, but not so short you can't feel it engage gear. There's a bit of play in the ball joint, still feels solid when fitted though.
but it is a modified used part so condition of ball joint will be a lottery. Overall on the short drive, it feels superb!

Will test it thoroughly on a country detour on way home to Wales Friday! :)


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First update in a while.

Nothing major to report. Given the inside a good clean through and taken front mats out for a through wash. Looking good again! The foot rest was bugging me, engrained dirt and looking dull. Will probably get the ali one for it, but for now I cleaned it thorough and primed and satin blacked it! Probably last all of a week before looking awful. Lol. Will buy ali rest then.

Since doing llandow I've had a track sticker fitted to back of car..... Never particularly liked it on bodywork but wanted to keep it on being a local, fairly unknown track. Anything to raise its profile even by 1 or 2 people.

Tried a few online stores for custom stickers, to no avail. Inc n2grafix.
Tried a local vinyl place and they were brilliant! Even though I only asked for around 100mm in size he did another massive one of each track!

Got llandow, longcross from my recent track experience and blyton, in prep for my CSS day. [emoji41] (I lost the small blyton one walking to car so will have to go back for another)


Don't look as nice as I was hoping. I also fitted llandow slightly off, so will get a reprint done. Will probably put blyton where llandow is and llandow at top then.

All stickers cost 10 quid. I knocked up a rough design and he copied and printed them. Bargain.
Car looks so so good dude!

Not a fan of the stickers but obviously each to their own
Cheers bud.
To be honest I'm not too sure myself, I like having them on the car, but at the same time, their kinda ugly!
Not sure wether to remove them and get a new set fitted in rear side window. Might look better.
Its cos he should have done them yellow :)
I did think maybe yellow [emoji14]
Maybe yellow and in the rear side window?
I want them on the car but they look crap where they are.....
I would either have them small and in black somewhere on the boot or yellow more or less where you have them now.
Yeah. Their a little imposing. Same spot, a bit smaller and maybe in yellow or even black so they don't stand out so much.
Speaking as a foreigner... you can take your stickers and shove 'em where... ever you think is best.
Ha ha [emoji41] [emoji106] Cheers foreigner.
Will probably spend 40 quid on stickers before I'm happy with position
I spent a bit on the cup decal massive things for my twingo 133 and ended up only applying the rear one and even that I modified lol

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Just renoticed the merthyr meet. Some serious roads around brecon area! I remember being pulled 3 times in 3 days by the welsh coppers who are assholes lol

Also remember getting raped by a wolf in sheeps clothing 306 with MI16 engine. Remember going through Brecon centre straight at 135 mph thinking "how is this guy getting away from me!" lol
A quick review of my CSS experience:
Well in short=
it was a brilliant weekend and I'm still buzzing from it now! Car performed brilliantly and had an absolute blast on track. Footage to appear in due course.
Should have taken more pics, to build a picture of the weekend. I only took about 4! Lol

Car cleaned up Friday night:

Left at 5am to collect @Filters from magor services. Arrived at CSS at around 9am and was greeted by the sound of screaming ITBd clios and screeching tyres [emoji41] Perfect start!

Arrived and began the erection!

Tent made for a good storage hut [emoji5]

Watched a load of track action for most of the morning as well as chatting in camping area to a bunch of CS I'd not met before. Really is a great forum!

Checked my fluids and pressures ready for track action at half 1.
Had the free dinner at 12 to beat the crowd! Glad we did, was a long line come near 1.

Drivers briefing was at 1, with the option of tuition for 20 quid, 20 mins. I knew I'd need it so booked in for half 2 [emoji41]

First lap went in like a clown to twickers corner and went massively wide! Nerves were high to begin! Lol. Tried to take it easy and get some heat into everything. Came in after 10 mins to adjust pressures. Started off cold with 26 front and about 27 rear. Expecting front to rise to 31 max, then reduce to 28~29. And rears to only rise by 1 or 2.
Rears did rise to just 29, so dropped to 28 rears for the whole day.
Front however, lol.... 36! Rose a full 10 psi. So dropped that down to 28, after a few more laps it was touching 30.

Tuition massively helped, mainly in my confidence but also better, smoother lines (although some of these lines went out the window as the day went on!) He said I was doing very well, and with his guidance I was carrying 50mph through the wiggler and 80mph+ through port froid. [emoji106]

I messed up a few corners and came in way to fast for ushers corner and made the executive decision to go for a shortcut instead of visiting the gravel trap! Lol!

My route is the red line if anyone wants to use it in the future! [emoji38]
all part of the fun. In the briefing they said if your coming in too fast you can use it in emergency [emoji106]
Got some decent footage but it's taking 6 hours to upload 1 video! So need to look at converting to a more YouTube friendly format.

Track time was epic fun. Car went very well. Apart from bubbling most of my high temp brake caliper paint off the fronts and almost losing my front OZ center caps, glue melted on them and they were hanging off!
Nankang ns2rs preformed very well. The 180 compounds. Wore well too! Still lots of life left. What surprised me is the difference a slight bit of rain does.... wow. So greasy, I shall try and upload a comparison video of the same corners in dry and damp! Lol.

So so pleased and can't wait for another trackday.

After parking up after the epic track time, had to attempt to find a shop for filters to get some tobacco. What a mission that was!

Entered the raffle but won nothing. Good cause and raised almost 700 for help for heroes. [emoji106]

Got back, parked up and got on the beers. Had some more free food! [emoji5]

Parked my arse here almost all night chatting with random people. =

Didn't have too many beers, was so tired I was dropping off at the fire. Cosy warm! Woke up with an extremely warm and cosy right foot though! Slid ever so closer to the inferno. Lol

I opted to sleep in the Clio. What a good move that was! Slept like a baby. Seats go near flat, I was warm and cosy and most importantly couldn't hear the infamous snoring on site! [emoji5]

Woke up to be greeted by some Damn serious metal! The next days track attendees were here..... few lovely escorts, metro 6r4, a 550hp Celica, some serious evos, radical, etc etc.
Most impressive was a 4 year home build Honda crx! Supercharged 4.2 v8 Audi engine in rear! [emoji33] The whole car fabbed and engineered by himself. It was outstanding!
Will upload pics of the car a above when signals better!

All in all it was amazing!
And again, thanks to all the organization team.
And hi again to everyone I was talking to great to meet you all!

How could I forget to thank filters for being my wing man! He gave me a helmet for giving him a ride up to CSS. Top man.
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Did make a big difference when I chose standard quality over high quality mpeg 4. Get em up as I love watching track vids. All I seem to do when im bored.
Did make a big difference when I chose standard quality over high quality mpeg 4. Get em up as I love watching track vids. All I seem to do when im bored.
Yeah. Love a good track vid!
To be fair it came out well too! Got the rear view camera in bottom corner too [emoji41]

Its a normal compact system camera for the rear footage which is a shame. Will have to get 2 action cams. Better field of view.