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Mapping a ftp to a local drive

  MR2 2.0 N/A & Mk1 1.2Clio
Im trying to map my ftp server from home, at uni so i can transfer stuff from uni to home ect. im trying to map it to a local drive letter.

I can access the ftp fine through a ftp program but when i try through internet explorer or windows xp pro - add network place it dosent work get this back:

Cache Access Denied


While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

Cache Access Denied.

Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request:

from this cache until you have authenticated yourself.

You need to use Netscape version 2.0 or greater, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, or an HTTP/1.1 compliant browser for this to work. Please contact the cache administrator if you have difficulties authenticating yourself or change your default password.

and when i just try annoyamously (sp) i get

The requested URL could not be retrieved


An FTP authentication failure occurred while trying to retrieve the URL:

Squid sent the following FTP command:

PASS <yourpassword>and then received this reply
Not logged in.

basically is there any simple programs that will map it for me or can i enter my password aswel in the url

any help very mucho appreciated!
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