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Mark 1 Track Car - Trophy Red 172 Project

Bought this back in October 2013 from Danny-Ace on the forums, he'd ebayed it randomly as a none runner (aux system removed for s/c mock up and all wiring sold) so I snapped it up for a few quid.

Its since sat on stock in a mates lockup since then over Christmas etc with me having little or no time to look at it, until now. Track season is approaching, I've already booked Bedford in May and as of now I have no car to take! so best get going!

No idea how well I'll keep this up to date, knowing me, badly! but I will give it a shot.

So here she is as I bought her back in October, JWC, one of the old valvers I remember from when I got my first one, so sort of a car I always wanted to own after it inspired me to get/modify a mk1 16v Clio.


and sat tucked up


Danny had used the car on track a bit and he's spent a lot of time and effort on the car, its spec is pretty decent and although it was looking a bit sorry for itself when I collected it, I could see the potential easily.


- Clio 1.8 16v shell fully resprayed in Clio 182 Trophy Red
- Full welded in cage, modified and added to with harness bars and tied to the a pillars
- Rewelded and mounted steering column supports and seat bars.
- Clio 172 Engine and Gearbox on 55k
- Clio 172 full front end conversion (wishbones, hubs, brakes, driveshafts)
- Brand new FK Highsport Clio Williams Coilovers modified to fit 172 hubs
- Clio Williams ARB
- Fully polybushed
- Uprated engine mounts all round
- Clio Williams PAS rack, greased and sealed for manual use
- Clio 172 Cup master cylinder
- Seam welded subframe
- Plastic windows
- Chopped doors for weight saving
- Manual Sunroof
- Mongoose exhaust, modified to link to 172 manifold and tailpipe modified
- Some sort of quickshift gearlinkage

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Pics of Engine and cage when I bought it




So a good base to start with. But theres some weird things that need addressing, like the front is so low that the front arch on the nearside was smashed apart and despite all the trick mods and track prep, its got Halfrauds front brake pads. And the radiator is zip tied to the slam panel, so tinkering needs to be done.

Also it has a clio 1.8 16v alternator, no use as I'm going to wire it up fully with job lot from a phase 1 172 I have in breaking currently.

So I picked it up this weekend and dragged it back home, first job before was to pop to my mates garage and check the timing as the aux belt pullet and crank bolt had been removed (s/c project legacy from Danny). Popped the locking pin in, whipped the oil caps off and bang, slotted the timing tool straight in. turned it few times, locked again and boom, in again. Bonus! so timing was still all fine :)

Also fitted my AST solid adjustable top mounts to the FK coilovers

Car is now back on my drive and the list of parts and things to do is as follows:

Parts Acquired:

- Mocal oil cooler and sandwich plate
- Cobra Imola 2 seats with side mounts and TRS harness'
- Helmet net
- Clio 172 Cup JC5 gearbox with Quaiffe Limited Slip Differential
- Clio 172 Alternator
- Clio 172 phase 1 full engine and interior loom with clocks UCH etc (wiper/headlight stalks as well)
- Clio 1.8 16v plug set to splice to 172 loom for lights/wipers etc
- Seam welded subframe (another one modified to fit 172 radiator correctly)
- Two Front wings
- Front Bumper with cooling ducts and proper 1.8 16v splitter
- Pair of Phase 1 1.8 16v mirror caps
- Fibreglass bonnet and pins
- Eibach camber bolts

To do:

- Fit all the above including painting/powdercoating as necessary
- Sort front end geo with camber bolts and top mounts then laser track it
- Get to Bedford on 19th May :)

so that's where we're at currently, hopefully some updates over coming weeks, slow progress more than likely until the nights get lighter and I can get on it after work!

quick comparison of the changes the cars undergone, as heres an old pic from when I originally used to covet the car


and as she currently stands in the cold light of day:

Cars currently in pieces on rear end to perform the hub conversion, managed to get all four bolts per side out to remove the caliper brackets. So next task is to chop that old stubs off, flatten the mating faces then drill out the bolt holes to 8.5mm and tap to m10 1.5 thread for the mk2 bolts.

May of overdone the 8.5mm drill bit purchasing....

More to come soon



Update, got bored of rear beam idea and gave up for now, so cars back together. Mallory Park booked mid May so I'll revisit after that.

Fitted superleggera with R888's and new red themed sabelt wheel and she's ready for exhaust tweak and MOT soon.

Good times, be nice to drive a mk1 again, been a while

Exhaust fixing day today, the current system is much quieter than the old mongoose but had never fit right.

So hour or so with the gringer and welder and mate Dan had it fitting much nicer, it'll do.

Bumper is melted from where it twisted last trackday so that's yet another battle scar to the smorgasbord!

Geo next to remove some camber and toe it dead straight I think initially and see how she goes.

MOT passed so all good from that side too.

Felt great to be back it in the car and after driving nothing but stock f4r's for months and months, this thing is f**king lively! Roll on Mallory Park in May!




Raised the drivers side by 10mm to level it across the front axle and then sent to local place for geo.... Bit of a fight with it as my dremel spec coilover bolt slots weren't exactly analogue in their adjustment plane.... But all good, got 2 degrees neg and 10 mins toe out dialled in up front and rear was within standard spec so for none adjustable axle all good.

And now it doesn't try to kill me when I drive it which is nice

Also had small fail on the rear view mirror so that's having the bracket re glued overnight tonight with some loctite 326.

Mallory next!

Just been using the car really now, so odd to look back over the thread and always a big job to do or issues, now I'm just jumping in it to grab milk or run to the office on the days I'm in. It's just brilliant to be out and about in it.

Nothing major left to do before Mallory, fitted standard wiper blades... Oh wait one big job, aux belt pulley looks gopping so booked in with @MicKPM for new one to be fitted next weekend.

Anyway couple of pics of her looking imo the best she ever has, even if the bodywork up close is getting rougher and rougher. Insta ready though still and let's face it that's all that matters! 🤣



You know me, wheels change more often than the seasons. However in this case you're completely wrong, these are the best suited wheels for the car, FACT 😉
This car look gorgeous! Defiantly had a soft spot for the mk1 & the 2's something about the front of the mk2 172. not quite sure why.
i wish i had the space. id 100% pick up another 1*2, Don't think id even turn it into a track car or anything like that, just to have a nice gleaming example of one :)
Fabric painted the flocked dash top as it was looking tired. Still patchy any needs doing again properly really but looks less terrible now.

Reorganised the wiring a little too, just made it all a little bit neater.

And now annoyingly it's developed a misfire so will be chasing that out tomorrow hopefully.

Misfire cured, was the crank position sensor so fitted a used spare for now. Ordered new blue style genuine one with the repair loom too though so will fit that when it arrives
Up to Mick's today to fit new aux pulley as the old one has seen better days. They're seems to be some reports of these failing now as they're getting older so to be it's a no brainer to swap out for piece of mind.

Misfire reared it's head again so plugged it in and cleared some codes for lambda (they're mapped out) coolant temp (mmmmmm) and cylinder 1 issue (mmmmmm) and seems to be fine again now so will monitor and see how she goes.

Quick stop in the Derbyshire hills for lunch on a bench too.



Brakes squeal like a bastid so I've ordered some Mintex 1144 for road use, hopefully that'll make it manageable.

Also a sidelight blew so swapped those out for new.

Nothing else new to report really, just counting down the days to Mallory
Epic day yesterday at Mallory, for now quick pic of the car in road and 'race' trim and link to YouTube video of a few laps including dice about with my mate Dan in his Red F4R powered mk1.

Car handled a peach, so happy it's back performing as it should. Just need to start trusting my brakes again and cure the little misfire. First time in ages used the gopro too which was nice to capture some footage.


After my powerlite ps-09 died on me recharging off the car using the supplied charger about three months back I got a pair of replacement ps-05 under warranty from powerlite direct. They didn't have the larger battery in stock to exchange.

A note on customer services here, Julian at powerlite was superb throughout, honoured a warranty despite me sourcing the original battery through a reseller 18 months previously and went out of his way to ensure I got what I needed. Lesson here for many many other suppliers, that is how to handle customer service.

Anyway into the battery itself, the old ps-09 was fairly silly at 1.1kg in weight and pretty diminutive in stature, but this thing is honestly laugh out loud tiny. 700 grams it weighs and that's with the terminals attached which aren't exactly heavy but when we're talking such tiny numbers anyway they actually make up a bit of the weight and as you can see are comedy huge mounted to the little ps-05.

Looks even more amusing in the bay for test fit and fire up.

Car hasn't been started in about two months..... Cranked over like a boss and started instantly..... Absolute madness what a lithium battery can do.

I'll get a picture of it fully fitted with the cage, which is alas for the old ps-09 so will need to Heath Robinson it a bit to work with this ridiculous thing.

Cadwell park 24th so I'll put it through it's paces then and we'll see how it performs.



Okay quick update, already done one trackday this year and I've put the odyssey into storage to concentrate on using this thing more. So first one was Donington last month and car was superb, couple of niggles with brakes but since then I've flushed new fluid through and got new rc6 pads to fit for the next trackday.