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Misting Xenons on 172 mk2

From day 1 ive noticed that my headlights sometimes mist up a little, especially after Ive washed it, or if its raining/damp. Just messing on the pooter at work and found a website called quirky (pertaining to Ford ST170s).

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Apparently this is a design flaw with all xenons and not those just fitted to 172s. This site is also worth a look as it just goes to show that all those problems I though related to french cars also relate to Fords!!!;)
  Clio 1.6 16V

Marc, I see this problem all the time and only seems to happen as you say after washing, especially if the engine is still hot (steam from wet radiator etc). Always cleared by next mornng! only sems to happen at the outer edges of the lenses. Dont think its anything to worry about.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Its not because theyre Xenons (actually HID I believe). Its just the plastic lenses that mist-up. Our Megane has plastic lenses but non-Xenon headlamps, and it mentions in the handbook that the lenses are prone to misting. Goes away as soon as you turn on the headlamp anyway.