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Mk 2 172 - 20 yrs old - Insurance @ £1619

  Renaultsport Mégane R26

As on the subject line, is this is a good quote? This will be the case in November when I hit 20 and am hoping to upgrade the old 1.2 16V to the fully fledged 172! It was a quote I got today, simulating 3 years driving as well as 3 years NCB in addition to me being the main driver with a £650 excess...

Just wondering what you guys all think as I thought it wasnt too bad a quote... Its with First Alternative by the way :D

Thanks for all your help,

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i think i was paying around £1200 when I was 21. so thats probably about right.

Yeah, mine was £1600 when I was 20 with So that is about right. I had 4yrs NCB cos my previous insurance company cocked up (not that i am complaining)

Ill never pay that much for insirance as long as Ive got a hole in my arse. lol.

Not bad for a young lad on a gr16 car though... and probably worth it!!

If you can wait till your 21, it should be a bit cheaper
  SC 172 FF

lol thats nuthin guys....i pay 2600 on my old mans on a willy2!!!.....

sum people say im crazy, i say dont b silly! :devilish:

Quote: Originally posted by Clarkie172 on 19 August 2005

3yrs ncb id ay u will get it cheaper than 1600 but u do get a decent price drop when your 21
I couldnt find cheaper than 1600 n e where when I was 20 and that was with 4 yrs NCB, not 3.

But too true about droppin when you are 21. It went down to 600. 750 with protected NCB.