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mk1 1.4RT ratios

  Golf GTi DSG

Can someone with an RT with standard 13s on tell me there top speed in second gear? Mine hits 58 on the limiter but its ony 15s so wondering whether the speeds actually 60/61? Seems daft having it limit at 58 so you have to change to 3rd to get to 60, the 0-60 dash obviously lot slower having to change to 3rd!
  Golf GTi DSG

Mine sounds quite healthy even when its hitting the limiter, get that nice popping sound from me exhaust!

Id appreciate it if someone (RT-ED) got back to me with there gear ratios! So far, its about 58 in 2nd and 98 ish in 4th but not sure bout the rest!

i do 3rd to 60, the engine seems to lose power at the top end of 2nd also - btw, whats the 0-60 of you guys then? got about 11s on my way to work this morning at 6am (Rob Fenn you know bluewater mate? i work there at 6am so get the roads all nice and clear, theres a lvely straight as you enter it and go round the back towards the cinema - i still recko nthey should colse it for a day and make it into a track!)

i know its laughable compared to the valvers, but hey until i can get the money to afford one im gonna have to be content wit what ive got!!

I am driving to my girlfriends this afternoon (about an hour away) down some nice big empty country roads. So I will give mine a blast and see what it comes out at. I am running 15s same as you. But saying that I seem to have a bit of flat spot so I might be different to you.

  Golf GTi DSG

Mine seems to get to 80 quite easily but struggles after that. Also, if you cruise at like 70 and try to give it some, it struggles unless you drop a gear or 2!
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not sure what speed i hit when in 2nd and bouncing off the limiter but in 4th and limiter i got 110 took a bit of time but needed to find out.

im running 15s and even though its only 1.4 i dont think it pulls that bad when at 70 and accelerating in 5th.

never done a 0-60 but went to north weald and did 18.121 1/4 mile in the rain. should be able to beat the 18 mark.

When are we going to race the 1.2 16v at santa pod then????

I think that the Mk1 RT is a very good little hatch considering it was never designed to be overtly sporting. Goes to show what a good starting point the Mk1 Clio chassis is.

My old 1.2 wasnt fast by any standards, although it would always beat any other 1.2 of the era!

I found that 4th would go as fast as 5th (with a really dodogy speedo that would give me 115mph!).

YOU Must have the same gear box as mine i hit 60 in second when i really hurt it hitting 6300RPM in my RSI but it gets there a bit quicker:p

The box in my old 1.2 was well dodgy and I had no rev counter - just the limiter to tell me when to stop revving! The speedo used to wave around massively, so I had to take the average wobble as the speed reading!

Hurting your RSi at 6300rpm? My Valver would still be waiting for it all to come at those revs!

Well not hurting it i need it chipped. All RSIs as standard are very restricted on airflow its just the way renault did it but after exahust induction kit and manifold i hit the limmiter in every gear and need it moved up an extra grand. is it not 7300RPM on a 16V
  Golf GTi DSG

110mph in 4th? Im sure mine hits 99 ish in 4th, what phase is yours James?

Also thanks to Ben H, when I started this thread I expected someone to say get summit fast like previously! The 1.4RT is no rocket but as you say, for a non sporty model it can hold its own quite well.

Do you find some days its quicker than others. Well I suppose it depends on your mood that day, for example after one has cleaned their car, they feel happy therefore the car runs well. Weird world

Well I just got back from my girl friends and I must say mine must be a slow one. Although it plowed up to 60 pretty hapliy and quickly using 3 gears I dont think it would make it on 2. My car hits 6k revs (the start of the "emergency power" zone (i would say red, but it isnt) at 50mph. Or should I say it hits 50mph in second at 6k revs. Either way round it makes sense. I have never gone into the white zone and never plan on it. I find if you change at 5k to 5.5k revs it pulls slightly better. I must say though that it didnt sound all that troubled at 6k. It seemed quite happy, oh and it made a lovely whisteling noise.

I never timed my 0-60 as I couldnt seem to be able to hold my watch properly and change gears and steer at the same time.

  Golf GTi DSG

RT-ED, I agree, some days I swear its quick as f*ck then other days it seems to be sulking and takes forever to get to 20mph!! lol

I just cleaned mine so obviously itd blow away any other car on the road, wait till its mucky again though, Ill have robin reliants overtaking me!
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

110 in forth definately. mines a phase 2.

just went out and hit the limiter in second and got 58
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Mines going pretty well at the moment. Not timed the 0-60 run buts alot better than standard quoted times. The chip helped alot now redlines at 6750:):) o and shoots big flames, like the other day while racing my mates rsi .... not alot in it:eek:

Mines a Phase3, 1.2 DIET engine..

58 in 2nd seems about right, but it really starts to stop pulling, until you get 3rd.. its a real flat spot at the top of the rev range (about 5.5k - 6k).

between 3.5k and 4.5k-5k, its got quite a lot of pull for a 1.2!

Totally standard engine!


ive got a 1.4 RT on a j plate and the gearing is as follows

1st gear = 30mph

2nd gear = 55mph

3rd gear = 85mph

4th gear = 110mph

5th gear = 119mph

that was on my 15s and the speeds indicated on the clock

how accurate they are is anyones guess
  Suzuki SV650

Thats not fair I cant reach 119mph!!! Is there anyway of getting my top speed back? Since Ive put 15s on I can just get to 100mph with the engine screaming!!

I think with 15 inch wheels you are about 5.75% (or thearabouts) slower on ur speedo than ur actual speed.. Althou this isnt true in every case..!

Quote: Originally posted by steve a on 16 March 2003

Mines going pretty well at the moment. Not timed the 0-60 run buts alot better than standard quoted times. The chip helped alot now redlines at 6750:):) o and shoots big flames, like the other day while racing my mates rsi .... not alot in it:eek:
What mods you got mate?

  Golf GTi DSG

Well on the way to work this morning, I gave it some in 4th and got to 105 with it screaming, but was on limiter. I had mine to 120mph on 13s but doubt itd do that now its on 15s, struggled to get to 105mph to be honest.
  Suzuki SV650

Bah how can CS_Matt get a higher top speed then.. I always thought that with larger wheels althou acceleration would slow down top speed would be slightly higher.

Stupid cars.:mad:
  Golf GTi DSG

Thats what I thought as well sweeney!

To be honest, when I got 120 it was on the longest ever runway (not road, that naughty) and took forever! I havent dared go for it since for that long but Id guess it wouldnt do 120 now, even if there was a very big runway with no other people on it!

13s and 15 alloys prob aint far different bare in mind the 13s have a lot more rubber on em than my 45 profile alloys.

hit 119 on a private road we call the m23, guess it may vary from car to car as i cant hit 60 in second however hard i try

  Golf GTi DSG

I swear mine felt so much faster on the way home from work, theres a dual carriageway uphill with lights at the bottom where I live and usually itll do 65 before I reach the top of the hill, today I hit ummm more then that, lets say 70 for legal reasons.

Does the engine losen up and get faster with age? Anyone else noticed this "phenomonom" of 1 day fast, 6 days slow?
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ive got a 1.4 RT on a N plate and the gearing is as follows

1st gear = 32mph

2nd gear = 58mph

3rd gear = 83mph

4th gear = 108mph

5th gear = 122mph not limiter

that was on my 15s and the speeds indicated on the clock

my limiters 6666rpm

engine mods - cat back twin zorst, k+n, ecotek.

(easier to copy yours and edit it a bit
  Golf GTi DSG

Cheers James, mines a N plate and they seem about the same as mine.

122mph aint bad though, faster then mine.

Bloody hell there must be sumut wrong with mine, dont seem to get anywhere near those figures and mine it also N plate. Might be because i dont like pushing it too much never gone above 5K revs i dont think.

Doesnt it harm the car to drive it that hard?
  Suzuki SV650

I think its alright to give it a thrashing now and again to clear the engine out and stuff, but I wouldnt thrash it all day until the cows come home cus youll kill something like the head gasket or something worse.. And youll use all your petrol too I imagine!

I might put my 13s back on sometime in April and see what top speed I can get with my induction kitty and cat-back de-catted powerflow zaust.

Yeah, I get the feeling of 1 day fast, 6 days slow too Zed, the 6 days slow usually come after Ive been beaten off the lights by a white van or something, the 1 day of fastness is when there is either nothing else on the road or Im going down a very steep hill!
  Golf GTi DSG

Daz, I drive mine hard ish I think, well almost everyday itll hit the limiter but when its not on the limiter its on less then 3k. This has been so since I bought the car 2 1/2 years ago, now covered 80k in total, 40k by me in this time and it still runs sweet as. The only way your gonna knacker it is doing 30 in 1st all the time and not changing to 4th or 5th, bouncing off limiter all the time in other words, every so often probably does it good, gets rid of the crap.

Sweeney I posted summit fun on RSC about my drive to work this morning, a nice experience with a white van man! Ill copy it...
  Golf GTi DSG

Driving to work this morning and get cut up on a roundabout by a white van man, I thought nothing of it but apparently the man wanted to demonstrate how to milk a cow? Curious I thought, anyway, I go to overtake when we turn onto a dual carriageway but apparently the white van man did not see me and must have swerved to miss a fluffly little bunny in his lane not realising he nearly took the front off my car. Again, he shows me how to milk a cow! Anyway, I assume he needs to know how to milk a cow so I do the same to which him and his friends appear to all show me again. Curious so I wave them goodbye and cane it down the carriageway as I really didnt wanna see them demonstrate the cow milking phenomon again!!!!!!! hehe
I hate white van men!
  Suzuki SV650

Ive not had a bad experience with another driver for a while now, havent drove my car much lately thou Ill take it out later and see how many white van men I can cut up ha..
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i wait till mine warmed up before taking it over 4k then once it is nice and warm (check by water guage having been in the middle for a while) ill usually take it to 5500rpm and occasionally redline and limiter. but if im doing a causal 35+ following traffic it then in 5th all the time with nice low petrol saving revs