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my boot install pics

this is my boot install not finished yet gotta do leatherette put neons in and hide wires but thought i would show ya all what it looks like so far, also need another 12inch audiobahn sub, please let me now if anyone selling one. cheers

hope ya like

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Stickers on the rear window need to be bigger, i cant read them

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shall be interesting once its finished, not a fan of universal sub boxes, should have completely stripped them down then redone the fabric

cabling needs tidying up, quickly

amp may be fried after only a couple of weeks/months use, the mac amps usually get pretty hot, and therefore need good ventilation around the top of the amp, the way you have it mounted will mean the heat rising into the mainboard, causing it to heat up an possibly fry, something id addrss if i were you

i wont comment on the 6x9s, i dont think it would be fair after drawing the above issues

oh, and fabric the rear seat, the grey looks way out of place amongst all that blue

the amp will be fan cooled by the end of the project but the amp does have its own cooling system too , had to leave the black fabric on the boxes to make the leather stick better once finished wont notice, all wiring will be hidden

i am making panels for the back in blue leather plus there going to be alot of change at the front ,

just posted pics as some people have asked how im getting on with it will be ready by the Bury meet at end of April

yes, the amp cooling system is a heatsink, located o the top of the mainboard (which is the bottom of yours now)

heat rises, it WILL cause problems over time
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looking pretty good, like the blue leather stuff, agree with bryan though that amp will fry being there, think you are gonna struggle finding somewhere else for it though! on mine i put the amps underneath the box and put fans on the false floor, works a treat

yeah i am looking to get another audiobahn sub need 12inch it is coming along good real pleased with it so far, it does take time but i getting there,

gonna do some more of it tomoz will look better when all complete.
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Quote: Originally posted by Iain C on 26 March 2005

i love the audiobahn subs they are cool!
look cool but certainly dont sound it! My mate has two 12" in his saxo and they sound pretty poor tbh