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My car untill my clios fixed

  Clio 172mk2
Ok i only have to put up with this for a week

Its a 1.4 Cheverolet Kalos or somet

It sqrueachs going round n e corner, The steering wheel doesnt feel ceterized to the drivers sitting postition, im nearly 6ft , and theres plenty of room , but when yer using second or 3rd you nock yer arm on the seets as gear stick seems quite far away from front. The actual changin of gears feels awfull , and the clutch is so light u dont feel it

all in all it feels crap compared to me clio , and i wouldnt advise n e one to buy one .


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ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
just tell your mates you have a chevvy :rasp:
also if its that bad why draw attention to yourself by parking in two spaces? :approve:
  Clio 172mk2
addz, i have been tellin ppl i drive a chevy , never tell em which one though, me mate took the pic but didnt get the focus which was parked to left over them lines . also it was the end spot so didnt really matter.

tom s , this is the sx version


We can't even get a courtesy car at the moment :dapprove: The car could be poorly at renault bleeding to death for a long time, and we have no hope of getting it back till mid october possibly with no courtesy car at all in between.


Did i mention I have a courtesy cars Colt 1.1 in silver with 5 doors?