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My family wagon... more E46 content

  BMW E46 330i Touring
So some of you may know that I owned a nice E46 320d M-Sport:


Unfortunately, the recent introduction of our second daughter to the family has meant that we really needed something bigger. A nice economical estate, cheap to run and insure, etc, etc...

Well, at least it's an estate :approve:




Decent spec with heated grey leather, satnav, auto lights and wipers, xenons. Only thing it's missing which would have been nice is the electric seats.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Nah, auto. When I was searching I could only find 3 examples nationwide with less than 100k on the clock, all of which were auto. It suits the fact that it's going to be the wife's runabout and our motorway cruiser when we have to visit the in-laws every 6 weeks...


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
A1 Sports & Performance number plates, someone got torn a new bumhole! (Please say it was the previous owner and it wasn't you.... )

Nice car though ads, I really miss mine. Fantastic all rounder.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, good spot! I think it was the previous owner or possibly the one before him that bought it from Bristol. The private plates will be going on shortly...

She needs a bloody good polish truth be told but still very pleased with it at the moment.
  Leon Cupra 300
Lovely car...

Only shame for for me is grey leather... Auto suits them just right though. :)

If I wanted a coupe to fly about in is hunt out a manual I think, rest of time auto wins.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
I had black leather in my previous E46 and I'm actually preferring the grey. It helps that it's practically unmarked but I think it really suits the car, plus it'll wear better as the black showed up every little scuff.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Yeah, the paintwork is actually in dire need of some correction! Between this and my black company car, I've not chosen particularly wisely...

I'm not on the BMW register as I can't post in 'Other Marques' being a forum user. Feel free to add me on my behalf though!


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
What's the actual name of the colour Ads? It looks very pearly.

I still think this is the best looking BMW estate to date. Look so so good.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Orient Blue mate, it's looked black and also a bit purpley at times.

I think it could do with some bushes been refreshed as the car didn't feel particularly planted in my B-road blast today. Anyone know which particular bushes would treat quite loose steering?