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MY Williams v mates VW Golf GTI

k..... my mates got a VW Golf GTI - turbo?

we went out lastnight, but i was afraid to even attempt to race him... i think he would beat me personally? hes is all standard... it seemed pretty quick.. he was racing ahead of me... i was obaeing the speed limit as an excuse...


i presume that it is quicker than the williams? it seemed to have a very nice torque/pull and he had a passenger in his car... it was only me in mine...

maybe mine needs a service. :(

You should be able to beat him i would have thought, they turbs are 150bhp, and the golfs way a tonne! i dont know how much torque theyve got though

his is 2000 model

seemed pretty quick.

k, shall see next time we on road...

might have to invest in a radar detector for crimbo!!


Sometime into next year, im gonna send car to UK, and have cams, head, ecu changed.

gimme a bit more confidence!!!!!!!

anyone know when a Turbo conversion/price will be available for it? wouldnt mind looking into a turbo on it. ive always wanted a turbo car.. and if i can get it without offloading the williams, then ill be well happy.

as few people said above, you would kill him!!! was driving my dads lude the other day and had a play with one on motorway, once the vtec kick in the golf was a small dot on the rear view mirror

the range is between 180-150 hp different GTi versions i think 180 can run at 7.5 seconds. Stock 150 quarter is up to 16s seconds. but modded 1.8T will definately be HARD even runnin at just 200hp with a chip

does the performance vary on car temp?

when he come round to mine... i was trying not to boot it coz the car had been sitting for 3 hours, and was cold. and its not exactly warm outside anymore....... his engine had warmed up... would that maybe be why he seemed quick?

What Mods can i do to my engine to give it 200+BHP without turbo....

Turbo as a last resort...

cam, ecu, pistons, cylinder head,

whats a gasflow head or something... seen on k-tec racing site..?

A lightened flywheel..... havent seen any of these available on websites... any info on this?

would a manifold change be wise?

I really wanna get me motor raging

all ive done so far is....

De cat + back exhaust system, k&n element filter, (waiting for strut brace to arrive)
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you would deffo beat him !!

mY WILLIAMS WILL BEAT MOST GOLF GTIS NO PROBS !! Mind you those vr6s are a different story !!!

mate its a golf, course you will beat him... i have never been up against any golf and lost... good engines but they are as heavy as you like... if you have a williams then you should lap him...

if he beats you, id blame you as the driver ;)

suppose... he did seem to fly past me, but i was barely touching the accelerator.. and i mean BARELY, just making contact with it

Are you serious??!!!

A Williams would - and I really mean this - *anihilate* a Golf Turbo.

The Willy has 150bhp and weighs 975kgs. The Golf 1.8 Turbo has 150bhp and weighs 1350kg. Go figure!

Ok - its not as simple as power to weight. But in every measure you may choose, a Williams will be a good margin ahead.

I raced a 1.8T Golf not long ago and was anticipating it to be a closer-run thing. But it lost very, very badly. I dont hold it in high regard at all - even if it is tuneable.

The TDi 150bhp Golf is a far better match (well, for initial in gear acceleration anyway).

ok, match is on next time then!

i didnt wanna be made to look a fool! :oops:

ive finished compiling a list of upgrades for next year. What u people think?


Look good?

Will obviously send car to UK and let them fit/tune everything.

If youve got the money then thats fine.

My engine had some tuning done to it before I bought the car - great, I thought. The problem is that an extra 10...20...30bhp will rip through almost all engine-related parts within a few thousand miles. Ive basically had to re-build the rest of the car as well now!

These cars handle high mileages or more power - but not necessarily both!


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Dunno about a Willy but i raced a 1.8T in my 16v and he had me up till 35ish. I thought sh*t thats a bit lively, as i was under the impression they werent quick. Got into second, immediately started gaining then sailed by as i shifted into 3rd, look on his face was priceless. The Willy should have no probs with the lower down torque i was stuck at 2.5K revs when he decided to go for it, which is never a good thing in a 16v.

Hi mate

I bought the car six months after it had some pretty major mechanical surgery, following the failure (in service) of a cambelt.

Basically, as the gent I bought the car from explained, it was going to be £1400 for a normal rebuild or just a bit more for some work to be done to it. Ive got the receipt for £2500 from a specialist in Winchester called Derek Pratt - I phoned him before I bought the car and he explained how he remembered that car as it was the first Clio 16v hed worked on (hes a 19 16v specialist, but the Clio engine is the same bar the manifolds). Anyway, the bill says it had a skimmed head and manifolds, Verniers, re-profiled cams to a custom (and unknown) spec, an uprated ECU and little bits and bobs like the PBV to help it idle better. It was engine dynod before it went in at 171.3bhp.

Now, the thing is that I bought this car as it is. I dont know a lot about it unfortunatley and still have this niggling feeling that I should have taken it to a specialist to have it looked at by now (10k miles down the line) - though it runs as sweet as you like. Ive never opened up the engine or anything, but I can tell you what its like to drive. Against a regular 16v it doesnt pull away in 1st until about 5000rpm - and then just increases the gain slowly as you get faster. In gear, at speed and at high revs, the difference is apparent immediately versus my mates standard 16v.

Ive also been up against a Williams 3 (running 100bhp nitrous) - hes called Si and gets on here every so often. Off the nitrous, mines quicker all round, except for at low revs, where it lacks pull - the torque delivery is still like a regular 16v. With the nitrous on (and presumably by no means developing an extra 100bhp) his Willy pulls about two car lengths on me by 100.

i was lookin at the 1.8Turbo site... seems all those crazy 1.8T are from the states they r runnin from 200-360hp . I think my V6 Golf can give similar straight line speed as to my 172. but 172 is more fun hoho. the VR6 golf is more like a torque machine around 2500-3400rpm it shows the V6 torque pullin power


My mate has just bought the new anniversary edition GTI, 180 BHP. Been in it, seemed quick but think I would choose something else for my 19 grand ! Anyone know how far behind him I would be in a 16V with HP Induction and Ecotek, should I bother ?? On paper they are near enough the same 0-60. Am thinking of a performance exhaust and chip, what first and would this help ??

Cheers !

hmm the williams only weights 960kg?

hmm what else can i strip from it to make it even lighter! :)

its only 200kg heavier than a lotus elise!
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ive raced a v6 4motion (me 4 up him 2) from york dragstrip to the mway down the twisty roads........and ive gotta say he was REALLY struggling but i dint quite have enuff power to pass him. 2 less ppl in my car n i would have lol.

1 of he guys that was in the car then now owns a chipped vr6, and another of my mates has a vr6 after selling his gti turbo.

and i can honestly say theres nothing at all between mine and the chipped 1 but the standard 1 is left behind. and he says the standard vr6 is quiker than his gti tub.



The Mk3 VR6 is a quick machine in a straight line, but its still FWD and has a very heavy nose - so is ultimately flawed.

The modern line-up of "sporty" Golfs are cruisers, not back road battlers.