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Newbie Hi, wanabee CUP owner

  VW Golf GTi 1.8T
Hey all, just a quick Hi as Im new to the forum, I am going to be looking for a 172 cup in the near future and wanted to get clued up before I purchase.
I think there awesome little cars especialy of the price they are now!
I find forums very useful, I was on PGAC when I had my 106 XSi and GTi, Edition 38 and UKMKivs with my golf.
I currently own a Golf GTi 1.8T but Ive had it 4 yrs now so time for a change and I used to love my 106's lightweight pocket rockets so it seemed the obvious choice.
Heres the golf.
currently running 219bhp 245lbs torque




  VW Golf GTi 1.8T
Well as this is a double post.... Im well into my detailing, Im looking forward to swirl correction on the cup I buy now, is that geeky lol, and like spending a few quid on my motors, the golf was standard when I got it.
I love the blue the cup is in. I wouldnt want to change it loads, but like the idea of some seats and stripped out rear. maybe uprated suspension and brakes, The Golf currently has recaros from an evo7 in there.
If there are any cup owners that want to show there cup off or give me links to your build thread, that'd be great.

ps. another thing, I registered on here years ago just to look at pics of my mates williams but had a 106 then, is there any way of changing my username?
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  C3 Picasso Beast
Click "Forum Actions" just below the Shop tab at the top and then "Edit Profile" to change your username :)
  VW Golf GTi 1.8T
Cheers but I tried that,
'Username Change - Optional

You don't have permission to change your username.'
  VW Golf GTi 1.8T
Will become a paid member when I am a Clio owner, coming on here to try and learn more about the car was going to influence my decision of buying the thing, I have a few options Im considering.
  Stripped yozza'd cup
Welcome mate.
Love a bit of picture whoring :


It's only got a couple of mods so far, but it's destined for greatness :)