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Nokia Predictive text Q

  ex Clio 172 owner :(
Why is it that my Nokia N80 has started not playing ball when I text?

When I press 4-7 you'd expect "is". But no, I get "Iq"

When I press 4-8-1-7 I expect to get "it's", when in fact I get "it'r" What the heck is it'r?

When I press 7-6 for "so" I get "pm

The lastest one to mess up is 9-4-8-4 for "with" I get "witi"

Ok if I use words like witi regular I'd assume it's changed the order of the possibilities but I've never used witi whatever it's meant to mean.

Why has this happened?

If I type the word "with" and underline it, I try to type it again and it still types witi.
If I use the little pencil button and edit the word to with, next time it still says witi.

My language is set to English.

It also does "dido't" for "didn't"

  ex Clio 172 owner :(
And I've tried keep typing with, with, with, with, each time changing it from witi and eventually it writes with first time, but it's not long before it goes back to witi!
  mk5 VDUB polo
mine keeps doing this! it keeps making up words all the time. like instead of 'how' i keep getting 'inx', then it will start giving me how for a while, then change again
  Golf GTI 1.8T
I asked something like this too...

does anyone know of any software you can get to edit the phones dictionary?

its s**t, saves words that ive put in wrong when pissed but wont save simple ones like ipod etc etc