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NorthloopCup likes a challenge, right?


ClioSport Moderator
And so, here we have a very interesting little challenge! Spec isn’t going to be disclosed, but I think the picture speaks for itself that it’s a bit different. Cams are a custom one off profile too, of which no one knows the spec! Lol! Knobbly yes, and a bit of measuring and calculations will see me better informed. Cylinder head is a work of art, but knowing the man who did the work, this comes as no surprise.

Oh and before you ask, nope, the F3 dry sump kit ain’t a straight swap on to the f4r! Requires a bit of thinking.

I’m going to enjoy this one a great deal.

Bazinga. ?

gez 172

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This looks like something not done before ?

Does this mean you’ll be getting another Clio to stick it in? ?


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All of it

I'm used to looking at 2 litre diesels all the while lately so everything else I can't recognise ?

It’s basically a f4r 738 engine found in the 182. The rest of what can be seen in the picture is from left to right:
Properly ported 738 head
Custom grind cams
Cam cover
Block and dry sump plate
There’s also a trumpet sat on top of the dry sump plate to give a perspective of their size - fookin huuugggeee.


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It won’t be too long before I’ll need your services to build me something special. ;)


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ClioSport Moderator
Well it’s been a while since I updated this, and that’s because not much has been happening tbh. Finalising the spec has taken up a bit of time along with gaining the all important camshaft specs, as they’re a custom grind.
I’ve got a few boxes full of catcam gear in preparation for the cylinder head build. This will involve a solid lifter top end and some of their valve springs. We will be retaining the oe followers, but these will become a lifed component - so once they’ve done a season, in the bin they go.

I collected the cylinder head yesterday as it went away for a few improvements. It had already been ported by an extremely capable fella (who I know) and it’s now been looked over and improved upon by a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be s**t hot at this stuff.

Few pics of the cylinder head that should (hopefully) see us into 250+ bhp. Take note of the exhaust port size and shape - nothing huge like you'd find on a ph1...

Valve lapping and solid lifter shimming next.


ClioSport Moderator
Another update folks! Been making a start on building the head, so thought I’d share a few pics with you.
Here we have the catcams valve springs, solid lifter and the shim that will need to be adjusted to get the correct clearance between the rocker and the camshaft. From cold, this engine will sound a bit different to any other F4r motor, but once there’s a bit of heat in everything, it’ll sound like any other itb’d lump.

Here we have the brand new followers.

Boxes full of the catcams goodies.

A full set of supertechs ready to be lapped in!

Just the tool for the most boring job in the world! And it also works perfectly at getting the all important gas tight seal.

And finishing off with an item that will make dialling the cams in significantly easier!!

You can also see in that picture the spacer that replaces the oil pump drive sprocket and the vvt blanking plug.

More to come!


ClioSport Moderator
And a few randoms!

Got a little bit of a step here, so I’ve scribed it’s position ready for removal and polishing.

Scribed area:

I’ll also be reinstating the relief for the injector in the spacer as we don’t want the fuel hitting the wall of the manifold.

Bring on the trumpets! 😂

The famous missing oil pick up pipe for the dry sump setup!

Tasty pulleys

Cheap s**t clutch and flywheel lol

Broken dog box! 😂

I must need my bumps felt! 😂


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Looks good, any reason you went for the Catcams solid lifters and not the ones from Pure motorsport as the PMS ones are quite a lot cheaper.


ClioSport Moderator
Looks good, any reason you went for the Catcams solid lifters and not the ones from Pure motorsport as the PMS ones are quite a lot cheaper.
The catcams item has shims available in different thicknesses, so this means once the initial setup is done, you take a measurement of each one. If any adjustments are required after a season, it’s a simple case of measuring the clearance and choosing a larger shim to take up the tolerance.

The pms items all require individual machining.


ClioSport Moderator
Ok, little update as we have a minor spec change.
A picture speaks a thousand words:

This was needed so we can run an 8 injector setup. The omex that’s currently in the car just won’t cut the mustard, so it’s gone in the can. We will also be running a custom cam sensor to allow fully sequential injection and ignition.

In other news - 14 valves have been lapped in as 1 inlet and 1 exhaust valve is missing 😂