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OE04UYN - RB FF 182 (ex The Boosh's Motor)

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Brilliant to this is still going. What’s the highest mileage these cars have seen surely this is in the top 5?!
Pretty sure there's a few 200+ 172's and there was a trophy over 180k good few years back but don't think in daily duties anymore. Straight 182's don't know of any higher currently but ready to be proven wrong

No reason to not use it either, everything seems fine , no warning lights and just keeps working


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Master
Should make a thread, show us yer mileage ??, either way good stuff shows what regular maintenance and driven well can keep these cars going!

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Nothing new to report, still cranking the miles, she's sat on 195k nearly now and currently tucked up with some company in the Jetways car parks at Manchester airport whilst I'm in France for work

Rust has got worse so I've bought Coilovers for the Odyssey to fix that...….man logic :)

I may actually pay someone to wash it soon and deep clean the interior as none of it has seen a lick of love since Cadwell last year, flol!!

RB Miles.jpg

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
First wash since Cadwell last year and she's come up decent enough. Used all Autoglym products. Wash, de-tar,claybar, wash again, chamois then super resin polish, should keep her okay for a while.

Still love RB so much, seven years using her daily now nearly and not bored yet!









Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
The march to 200k is in its final stages now, treated her to her 199k service a few days back so she got:

- Oil and Filter
- New spark plugs
- New HT leads
- New Coil pack
- New wiper blades

Also comp tested the engine for a giggle, not perfect and done when warm which some say isn't right way to do it and other say is the only way....either way she's okay, no major worries. Result:

Cylinder 1 (flywheel end) - 178psi, Cylinder 2 - 183psi, Cylinder 3 - 170psi, Cylinder 4 - 181psi

And also now booked Donington for evening session on Wednesday for my birthday. Car is on 199685 miles as of today and I have Birmingham for work tomorrow.....with any luck the click over 200k will happen heading down into Craners on Wednesday perfect would that be!







ClioSport Club Member
The compression results are bang on the money though tbh!

I never understand people that comp test when stone cold... When the oil gets hot, the engine is up to temp and the viscosity drops that's when the engine is operating most. Oil doesn't stay cold for long ?

Still looks mint even for 200k!!

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Lapped up Donington on Wednesday night, the r888's felt much much better than the newer R version I used at Cadwell last year.

Then finally got tyres fitted to the Turini's and popped them on to cross the line at 200k!







Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Finally repaired the absolutely knackered rear exhaust hangers today. New pattern part metal plates and genuine rubbers from Renault (see how many minutes they last)

The repair panels are off chap on the Facebook groups and although not cheap can't recommend them enough. Perfect fit, beautifully made and painted. Simply bolt on and go!

Thankfully no broken studs on boot floor either so dodged that bullet, cleaned everything up and copper slipped the lot.

Should last few more years now


Up she goes


Stuff every where


Old and busted


Bye bye


Studs all okay


New hotness


New genuine mounts



And sitting pretty



  RB clio 182
Enjoyed reading through this thread, seeing all the different looks you have gone through. Hata off to you, but my god I thought I was indecisive when i got bored haha. Hope to keep seeing them miles clock up. I bought one to use as a daily while I wait for my new car but I'm slowly starting to fall in love with it. But as usual it came with it's own little niggles which I'm trying to work my way through.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
@iHow3y cheers for taking the time to read. Yeah I'm never satisfied with just leaving it as is so forever changing, keeps me interested in the car and as such keeps it on the road and the miles cranking up. They're great little cars and I have enough guilt leaving the other 4 doing nothing so only right to enjoy one of them every day!

Iain C

ClioSport Club Member
Just had a catch up with this. Cars looking great. 200k is good going! Dont know how you manage that hard ride every day!
My alfa is going to hit the 200k club soon too. Why people buy new cars cos theirs has hit 100k i dont know.
Still want your plate

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Few more bits done recently, cleaned, replaced reverse switch as reversing lights stopped working, although diagnosed due to intermittent reverse auto rear wiper activity or lack thereof.

Obviously new box oil at same time

And that's it, should be getting original wheels back off my mate for winter it'll go onto them and just grind the winter mileage now!






Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Oh and also fitted vapour blasted top inlet and fuel guard and Austen at bodyshop has worked his magic on my genuine new old stock Renault bonnet and a spare engine cover.

Also fitted battery cover too that's been in shed for few months.

And finally popped too see Mr Mick at diamond and collect some wheel bearings for this and one of my mk1 projects.

So actually pretty busy with stuff on the car afterall, not quite winter shutdown yet! Lol!












Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182/Mk1 F7P+F4R
Fitted some genuine citroen mist washer jets when I put the new bonnet on too.

Anyone know how to angle them up neatly? They work okay but ideally need more of the spray pattern aimed above the wipers.

There's no adjustment in the angle of the nozzle as far as I can tell



ClioSport Club Member
Got these on mine. Though I didn't have any issues with the angle that i recall.

Where abouts is the painter you've used. I'm going to have to get a few bits sorted on mine next year i think. You're looks awesome in the pictures


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 Cup
Ha, I’ve just ebayed the part number for mine and it comes up with the Citroen Peugeot ones! Weird, I’ve got a spare in a fiat bag...