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Orderd my cup

I have finaly placed an order for my cup.

£11995 I even got 800 quid p/x for my banger 106 diesel.

Should be able to pick up on mon/tues!

Cant wait to become a real member of cliosport!

Thanks to all who gave me advice!


Dont - cancel it now, seriously, u wont be able to drive it in this weather coz its got no ABS !

However Im sure ur decision to buy one was more informed and intelligent than that?

Well done - its nice to be driving about in one of the quickest cars in this niche market! ;)


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  E90 LCI 330d


Sorry I aint got you a price yet... but it seems its too late now!

Enjoy! ;)

Dont worry Rich-D, I just needed the car so much I went out and bought it!

Regarding ABS, With all these drivers aids coming out, I feel that it is taking away the control of the car from the driver, I say if I want to lock all 4 wheels I damn well will.

I understand the pros and cons of ABS and other drivers aids, at the end of the day its upto the driver to control his vehicle not some box of electronics.

I think its more manly to have no ABS, all these girly drivers aids!!! ;)


Not sure about manly but its certainly different having no ABS! Good on you though, stick to your guns!

I dont have to tell you to enjoy the car as ive just racked up 4000 miles in mine and love it as much as I did from day one so I know youll like it.

Dont worry about the lack of ABS just drive it normally and you wont get caught out. Ive braked pretty heavily in mine and not managed to lock up yet.

Make sure you run it properly, if you look in the manual it will say no higher than 3500 for the first 625 miles then go for it. Apparently Renault are saying the engines are bench tested sounds like pants to me. It is important as ECUs can act as black box type recorders now and it is possible to tell if a car has been run in or not. Some manufactorers, not sure about Renault but Lotus definetly, are using this as an excuse not to honour warrenties, you may need it. Mine has been back in to get small bits and pieces sorted out....

Have fun!!!!


No I have not had a Scooby, I used to have an MR2 Turbo and was looking into getting a scooby, however I just fell in love with the cup!