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Penketh Warrington - Ad in the LY VX, Biff at bens? and a black 172, Also Inferno 182

  Monaco Blue Mk2
Spotted Ad going past David Lloyd heading towards Ben's and then later saw you parked outside Ben's, and possibly Biff on the drive? Then a black 51 172 further down Going into Penketh from Widnes way, possibly going to Ben's aswel? CS meet at Ben's lol?!

Also spotted an Inferno 182 on the Red Lion car park in Penketh.


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
the inferno is a lad called Alans who works at the lion,ad was at ours yesterday yeah and probs biffy boi
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aye was there before on the drive and the vx was out front.
and yeah the inferno belongs to a guy who works at the lion