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Peppy puppy pounces Porsche

  VW Potato

Because Ill get flack let me explain. Straight dual carriage way with no hidden side roads/entrances, 60mph limit. About quarter of a mile ahead, road goes into single file as you enter a 40mph zone. Dry weather, excellent visibility.

To my right, a bright yellow Porsche 968 ClubSport thats been quite cocky for sometime. Im interested to see how hard he pulls away as the lights change. He rockets off and so do I. In fact, despite it sounding like his pistons are about to depart via his bonnet, he absolutely cannot pass the little French puppy. I can hear every gear change he makes. Much to my complete surprise, we are neck and neck. I then back off because were coming to the end of the dual carriage way and we need to slow for the 40mph zone, plus theres a Metro infront thats doing all of 12mph. P968 then chooses to overtake me, sees the Metro and then the traffic island and swerves in quickly in front of the Metro. Naughty boy.

I hardly use my Clio and the last time I tried a traffic light GP was 18months ago in my Golf GTI. I a Toyota Picnic! So, I was more than a little surprised at how flippin quick the Clio is, and that it could play ball with a 968.

No need for anymore Traffic Light GPs now my friends; the humiliation of the Picnic loss has now been well and truely buried.

Praise be to puppy, all praise.


Heres some specs, dunno if it will come out ok!

1994 Porsche 968 Clubsport
Model 968
Year 1994
Bore 104 mm
Stroke 88 mm
Stroke volume 2990
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Horsepower 240 hp @6200 rpm
Maximum power 176 kw
Maximum torque 305 nm @4100 rpm
Top speed manual gearbox 252 kph
Top speed Tiptronic gearbox 247 kph
0-100 kph manual gearbox 6.5
0-100 kph Tiptronic gearbox 7.9
  VW Potato

cheers Teady, those stats make for interesting reading. He must have been an even more useless driver than me - not that going in a straight line requires much ability, which is just as well as I cant drive for toffee, anyway. That said, at least I knew when to back off.