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Ph2 172 Headlight detail

  '02 Clio Sport 172
Seen a few threads for different marks, but thought I'd have a go & let you see the results. I'm not a detailer or anything, just have a collection of products I've accumulated & a RAC polisher, the sort you pick up for £15 around town.

Apologies, no 'before' picture, but you know the problem, severe hazing & scratches on the top half of the lights! :dapprove:


Mask up & attack with 1000 grit (all I had in the garage, ideally, say 800 then maybe 1200);


Then I used Halfrauds own brand rubbing compound, G3 or similar would be equally as good, probably better;


Next up, I used Mequiars ScratchX2 on the buffer;


Then finally after a few passes;


Close up of what was the worst bit;


That is all, was more a confdence thing really, now I know it works will probably do it all over again & spend a bit more time with the wet'n'dry to get it 100% scratch free :)
  Charged Superleggera
good job mate. mines are in a real state. will get started on them next week with the rotary.