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Price for my 16v

Hi peeps,

The time has come when Im thinking about selling my valver. The thing is, Ive seen some right sh!t ones for quite a high price. I know mine isnt worth a fortune and I think Ive got a price in mind but can you let me know what you reckon its worth.

Renault Clio 16 valve.

*1.8 injection 16 valve
*J Reg (92),
*Metallic Blue,
*98000 miles,
*Electric windows, mirrors etc,
*Remote central locking,
*Shurlok CAT II Immobiliser,
*Renault Cobra Alarm,
*Panasonic CD/cassette flip face-off with 8 CD multi-changer,
*6x9 Pioneer speakers,
*Phase 2 15" alloys with new 205/50 rubber
*Magnex exhaust,
*Richbrook gear knob
*1 yrs MOT
*6 months Tax
*All receipts
*Full service history,
*Recent full service
*Awesome looks, sound & performance
*Immaculate condition.

Cheers guys!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

I personally wouldnt think it would really be worth any more then around £2695? Just thinking its 10 years old now, and no offence but is basically standard.

Other than a few bits & bobs it is pretty standard yeah. The thing is I was gonna do a few engine and body mods but I just thought it may be easier to sell in the long run if I kept it standard.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Yeah it would be easier to sell, but you could still get more for it if you found the right person, but if you want a quick sale, keep it standard!

Clean it so its like show condition and it will sell for about £2500 plus.

I think that the 16v has got to the point now where people will buy on condition rather than age alone. Many 16v buyers are also big fans and what Id call specialist buyers (as opposed to the sorts who will look at loads of different cars). So Id be surprised if someone got a lot more for a 1995 16v with 100k than a 1991 J with 100k if the J-plate was mint. Dont get me wrong, youd get more for an N-plater with, but Id say £3500 absolute tops with 100k.

Only the crappy 16vs will be below £2k I reckon. I also think that like the Golf GTi Mk2, 205 1.9 GTi and 5 Turbo, the prices will soon settle at about £1k for a rough one; £2k for a decent one and £3k plus for a good one (going above £5k for a minter). I doubt the Williams will drop below £5k for long for a decent one (although I know someone who got one for £3.5k!).

hee hee, yep, did the same thing Teady lol..

so, you should get between £850 and £1700

I would have thought about £1250 for a quick sale.. or hang on for £1500 if absolutely mint !


Yes, Ill take it off ya for £1200.
Fancy having a second car just for the tracks, something that will see off these smug 172 gits!!

Let me kno what you think of my offer, or contact me on 07718-519 965 cos im genuinely interested

id say around 2300 dependant on condition maybe a tad more if mint, dont take any less than 2100. And ignore the muppets that tell you(and offer) otherwise.

Good luck, if you decide to sell it. Thou i wont be letting mine go! no sir!

why should it be worth more than book price ??..

its a car.. nothing more.

the second hand market is the pits.. brought about by lower new car prices.

on what do you base your pricing.. ??.. what YOU think yours is worth.. or some hidden price guide for clio fans ??.

it is a 10 year old car with 100,000 miles on the clock. if someone is daft enough to pay top dollar, then run away with the dosh laughing histerically, otherwise you need to be a tad more realistic dood.


What sort of clio 16v will you be hoping to get for £1250.....?

And how much will you be spending on it in the first 12 months to make it road worthy....?

If hes 16v is anything like mine then it is worth at least 2100. If somebody looking at the vehicle fails to see that then best of luck to them. They might be happier in a £1250 shed with bills that equal a grand in 12 months if he wants it running as it did when new.

thats presuming the cars at book price actually are sheds.. they are not.. neither are all enthusiast cars in good condition...

You cannot presume money would need spending either way..

If someone can get more for a car, then great.. more power to their elbow..

as I said, the second hand market is the pits.. it has never been so low.

and, in answer to your question.. If I ONLY had 1250 to spend, I would shop around, see about half a dozen.. then bid the owner in the b****cks...

once you start looking at modifyed ones.. expect to pay LESS...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc..


weight, sorry, we posted together..

no offense take, I would never take offense from a bulleting board Sir.

you ask what you want to for the car - like selling a house..

as time goes by, you either want shut, or someone comes along that wants THAT car.. great...

what is asked in autotrade, for example, is often nowehre near the price the deal is struck for.


Show me a £1250 clio 16v with a reliable engine and gearbox, with tight suspension and steering and no rust and i will shut up.

no need to shut up at all .. its your opinion, thats kewl

you would need to look at some for sale, but I am sure there are plenty about.

if maintained at regular intervals and not thrashed.. the drive unit will be fine. suspension depends on where and how it has been driven.. and rust.. well, you should never even entertain a car with ANY visible rust...

Its a sad fact of life that ANY changes made to a vehicle will often alert the average buyer to a car that has been thrashed.. (or thats the perception)..

Most people do not want different wheels, gear knobs, exhaust tail pipes or bigger speakers either.

It is often seen as boy racer as portrayed every weekend across the nations capitals by spotty faced, reversed baseball capped morons in novas and saxos