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Rear wheel bearing size, fitting accross clio range?


ClioSport Club Member
All disc bearings are the same. I bet any pattern part will fail after a couple of months too.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah I knew the sports were all the same. I've got 1 spare laying around from the DCI so wondered if it would fit or whether I need to buy 2 completely different ones.

I know it's not the best place to look but ECP lists 25x37x52 as drum and then a separate item the same size for disc which is conflicting like the above listing. The ebay listings which are for the disc only don't give dimensions.

My £9 bearing is silky smooth after 10k!


ClioSport Club Member
Just so there is a definitive answer somewhere on the forum.

The rear bearings are the same for all mk2 clios whether drum or disc. The only differences are what comes in the kit, checked this out with ECP today. The main parts you need though are the circlip and bearing which are the same.

At ecp the drum listed ones were £20 and the disc £30 so there was a fair saving (I paid £15 because of promo)