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Removing brake light from Cup Spoiler

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There are threads on search for this.

I have searched and looked at all threads coinciding with it.

I'm still not any clearer on what to do and how to avoid breaking the lens.

Much help is needed :)
you just need to lever round the edge of it extremely carefully, it will pull out but use a rag and the largest flat edge you can, something like a wallpaper scraper.
  Never above 25mpg
Thanks... I did notice there was a small hole on the inside of the brake light from looking at the Streamline Carbon one but guessing it's not a clip or lever hole.
  Never above 25mpg
Thanks Josh, it's out now, used a blunt ice scraper and less than a minute of my patience :)


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I snapped mine like hell when removing it :( Had to take the plunge and get a new one, was a nightmare trying to get the old out as I didnt know I had to be so careful.

Glad you sorted it!
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Same warning either it just went "Crack"

I have sinve bought another one though and reapired the LED's that were faulty and will change it over at some point
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Yeah surface area is key! Was epic how it just popped out! Now just looking forward to getting the spoiler back :D
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Nein Fletch, waiting for this spoiler really. Still got a cracked sideskirt so not really fancy taking pics til thats sorted either.