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Renault Filter vs Pipercross

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Itll soon be 12,000 service time, and Renault will change my air filter and charge me a fortune for the standard item. Theres a PiperX panel filter for 32 quid. Is there any advantage at all in getting the PiperX, or should I just let Renault fit a new standard element?
  Leon Cupra

I know Vauxhall will bin a preformance filter if you dont tell them to leave it in and put a STD item back in. This happened to a mate on his Cav 16v.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I know that if I tell them not to change the filter they wont - so come on Petrolheads - are these performance filters really any good???

I have ordered a piperx filter hopefully it will turn up soon so i will be able to let you know soon. I have had these type of filters before and they do help around the mid range.


Ive had a K&N element in my Mk1 172 for about 10000 miles now - I took it out recently and replaced it with a new paper filter and it initially seemed better. However, I noticed that within a month or so the engine didnt seem to pull as cleanly in the mid / high rev range as it had, so I replaced it with the (still rather dirty) K&N and bingo! Happier at around 4000rpm+. The car just feels slightly more response and generally a little more free-revving at high rpm. Thats it really and Im sure theres little/no actual performance difference...

Id honestly say that theres not a huge performace difference between a clean paper filter and an aftermarket replacement, but the K&N certainly seems to retain its flow even when far dirtier. Thats just my feelings anyway, dont know if anyone else agrees, and Im also not sure if its enough of a difference to warrant paying out the extra lolly on insurance!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Thanx Matt - RG will you post when youve got your PiperX please Ill be interested to hear what you think.