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Renualt Dealer

Ive been offered a 54 Reg Clio in Artic Blue with full cup packs and a warrenty at my local renualt dealer..i think to myself 'excellent! everything is just how i want it!...':approve:

The only problem is that its up for £9995 with 30k on the clock! :dead:

Ive managed to get him down to £9599 but is it me? or is that slightly too much?:dapprove:
  FF Blackgold 182
Sounds a bit steep. Got my FF 182 for less than what u've knocked him down to and mine has got lower mileage. :dapprove:
Thats to much then again prices seem to chnage people will pay that sort of money as a 97 is £16k So £10 for a 2 year old car is cheap its just overpriced for what other 182's are up for.