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Rusty’s Titanium 182 take 2!


ClioSport Club Member
Next up… having decided to head towards the current theme du jour…Clubsport, which actually fits in well with what I now want out of the car (weekend B road blaster and occasional track/Ring toy) I will be removing the rear seats and fitting a false floor, I may go for a half cage at some point. But that’s probably some time off yet. I purchase a Baf K brace, purely cosmetic reasons as we all know they don’t add any rigidity. Plus there was a decent offer on so it’s rude not to!

it took a couple of weeks to arrive, I purchased one unpainted as the standard colour choices were rubbish, plus I wanted to make sure it was ‘finished’ prior to painting.

Broadly happy with what turned up! It needed some finishing off on the wields and a couple of other spots.



So I linished what was needed prior to priming and painting ‘Honda polished metal Grey’ really happy with how it’s come out, only temporarily fitted at the moment as over the coming weeks I’ll be working on the false floor


ClioSport Club Member
Final update for today. Spark plugs! I don’t have a receipt for when they were last changed. They looked ok but we’re not the favoured NGK’s and were due a change I’m sure

I managed to get a deal on a new set of NGK Platinums. Which these engines seem to worked best with



All fitted and running sweet, @104218 miles for my future reference

Video of an almost silky tick over