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Sat Nav

Hi Clio Owners

I have just purchased a new imported clio 172 with sat nav, which is the dogs bollox by the way.Previously owned a mg zr160 but had to sell with the probs of insurance reqs that a tacker must be installed, so i quickly outed it and bought a 172 which is like a rolls royce spec wise in comparison.The 172 does not handle aswell or turn in as well but the power and toys far outway any short fallings. Im thinking of going to the meet in Southend As I am only a Croydon boy so not far. Has anyone else got sat nav if so let me know what you think?
172s rule the supermini
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"does not handle aswell or turn in as well" How?? Think most people would agree the 172s handling is infinitley better than a glorified Rovers!!
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No but I can quote another ZR owner who said he wouldnt even bother following a 172 anymore after he went in one. The Clio has always been known for its superb handling, not something i can recall hearing about the MG..

I owned one for 11 months so I am only being honest, to be fair I have only owned the 172 for 1 week so maybe time will tell.I make regular journeys that test my cars and at the moment the 172 had more body roll than the mg. I like the 172 heaps and I am not putting it down just been honest isnt that what a forum is for!!!
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Once you get used to it David I am sure you will find that the 172 handling is hard to beat, especially through the corners. Not putting the ZR down but I cant see it comparing favourably against the Clio.

Re the Sat Nav question I only know I one other person on here with it, cant remember who it was either...

Cheers Griff I hope to be proved wrong to, thats part of the reason I bought the car because of the glowing reports of the 172 and its looks
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tested a clio with sat nav on Renault harewood day.
I use a GPS V unit in my clio does all the same but its portable and can use t cycling or walking too.
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Davidh, these 172 owners can get a bit funny if you start knocking their cars....

I must admit when I drove a 172 a while ago, I wasnt the taken by the handling....having said that it was on those sh*ttty contisport tyres and only had a few miles on the clock.


Davidh, SatNav really is cooooool, but Ive had problems with Renault supplying the wrong CD, have you tried to register with NavTech to get your free update yet?

On the body roll front, get yourself some Eibach progressive springs, thatll sort it out, Telford_mike has them, and theyre the dogs, Im getting some in a month or two


Roamer I have not registered with navtec yet but this will be my next priority, and thanks about the springs I will look into this.

Hi there guys can anyone post pics of the sat nav colour i have been trying to get hold of these desperately as i am planning to order car in the next few days and dont know whether to take the option or not!

can you add on dvd and tv functions aftermarket

also whats the size of the screen is it similiar to the audi or bmw systems?

isnt it just an arrow which points which way to go? screen is slightly bigger than the standard display that is usually there with time and temp on etc.... least far as i know thats what its like


Quote: Originally posted by david h on 22 July 2002

The 172 does not handle aswell or turn in as well
ive driven a fair few rovers and have to say i prefer the clio, and ive scalped numerous mgs that have had a pop at beating me either on a straight or down twisty roads, ( im not a 172 owner who will not accept some of its shortfalls tho ;) )

oh and hello and hope you have fun chatting to us all on the site :D


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I wish you could buy the sat nav as an aftermarket option.. i would probably buy it even although it is quite expensive.. for me it would just be the finishing touch to the interior of my car.

I know the Sat Nav is Carminat, (previously known as Carin) which I presume is a name that Phillips came up with. Is it the same as the VDO Sat Nav, that also being Philips or is it different.

Does it interface with the HU ok, and any other HUs (kenny, alpine etc). I prosume that the radio/CD info comes up on the LCD.

Where do renault mount the Sat Nav Base? Are there any ports that one can attach DAB and stuff like the VDO equimpent.

Can we have some pics Please?

i was sorely tempted but in the end couldnt justify the extra for something i would only use a handful of times in a year, would look so cool tho
  Lionel Richie

The screen is approx 5 to 6 inches, Ive had a play with the one in Roamers caar, and it is brilliant!!!!

You "CAN" add a DVD/TV to it, but as Roamer found out its another £600!!!!!

Its a VDO Dayton unit i believe