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seat leon cupra 20 vt

my mate at work has got one of these, quite a nice motor and feels pretty punchy. hes gobbin off (friendly banter) about what a bag of shte the cup is compared to his. i know on paper mines quicker but has anyone toasted one just for reference before i try to out drag him?


Test drove one of the new revised models a few weeks back and IMO it didnt feel as quick as the 172. Does have 180bhp but is more heavy than Clio, although it does have good mid range kick with it being a turbod motor.

Your work mate will being eating dust blown from your Cup!


Thats the Cupra R which has 210 - the standard Cupra has 180.

Cupra R definitely worth considering as a good second hand buy - probably find one dirt cheap in a couple years time.
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Depends on whether its Cupra or Cupra R.

Ive driven the normal Leon Cupra and that is nippy, but I havent driven or felt teh power of a 172. I think certainly the clio has the weight advantage and woud pull away quicker but it depends on how long a race youre having.

its a standard one but i suspect it wont be for long if i toast him......ill have to see about the factory mods for mine, even if i only get another 15 or 20 bhp, ireckon itll make quite a difference.