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small poll... would you buy a cup.. if...

lets face it.. the marketing guys n gals have worked a flanker and released a lower priced version of the 172 by raping it and then extoling the virtues of such raping in their advertising blurb..

given the following choice...

which would you buy ???

a 172 from the eu.. full spec, full warranty,


a cup from a uk dealer without the accesories above... but at a grand MORE !!

Just a thought..

we wont consider the following, it would be unfair lol ...

(full spare wheel, full aircon, full climate pack, full leather, full heat reflective glass, full ABS system, traction control and EBA (switchable on / off) full Sport headlight pack, full headrests, full split rear bench, full engine cover (that musta saved weight )

is this a no contest - or am I missing something earth shattering....

no.. Ill try again...

ok.. its got loads missing, AND its MORE expensive.. huh??..

Naw, that cant be right...

ok... its blue... ??

does not compute.. system overload...

reverting to backup systems....

Joe.... lol...

I would have thought that they would have gone the saxo route, vtr/vts, ie release a car with similar spec but a bit less power somewhere in between the 1.6 16v and current 172. say maybe a 135bhp model. the benfit of this and why the vtr is so popular is cheaper insuance, ive not looked but i guess the clio cup is very similar to insure to a 172.

Of course I wont be too happy when then start importing them at £10k but hey I need a car now not in a few months

Ive been interested in the 172 for a couple of years now, but I am really "into" spartan cars, for some reason, so that when Renault announced the Cup, I liked what I saw, and ordered one, knowing full well that I could buy a import 172 for less than what I pay for the Cup.

I simply prefer the "simple" thing...

For the same reason I couldnt even be arsed to put a radio in my Evo.

Or ordered my Integra specifically without air con.


A question for you!

What would you buy between an import 172 with all the toys or a stripped out 172cup for about £1,500 less???

As Wayne said, if you know the right people you can get a uk 172cup for a good price!

This is the reason i am very tempted to change my car for one, also the only thing that i would miss is the ABS as my car has none of the other missing equipment...


My first reaction was oh Ill miss the ABS but when I actually thought about it the only time I actually needed ABS was when I was driving crap cars a 1.0 Saxo and a 1.0 Punto as loaners when I was in for a service, where a mixture of muddy country lanes to and from work, skinny tyres and brakes that had deadly bite compared to the setup my own car, the only time the Coupes ABS has ever come on is when hitting rough ground (manholes covers etc.) at which point you didnt want it on anyway and it certainly wasnt saving your life.

Dont think Ill miss it, think about the times yours has come on was it useful or just intrusive.


Of course, if I crash mine due to locking up, you can all have the pleasure of saying I told ya so

is your Cup price £1500 of off UK list, I got £700 off which I thought was good but £1500 would be better.

If you are able I wouldnt mind some info


Hi - Ive been a French car/Pug lover for years and years;
205 GTi (1.6)
309 GTi
Citroen AX GT
Renault 19 16V
106 Rallye
306 Rallye........and now Im running out of options. Tried the Clio 172 (std).... and its just not raw enough for me.
Seen all the bumph about the Clio Cup - Oh Yes!
Now - Ive imported a Scooby & my 306 Rallye from Holland, so Im no stranger to that...but the Cups only available in the UK for starters, so if I went the Cup route Id have to buy UK. Which grates somewhat - but I need a car reasonably soon, to replace the 306.
So - big question - who are The Right People to get a Clio Cup from at a good price?
Pretty Please.......
  Clio 197

Maybe the Cup is a UK only thing but has anyone asked the importers for the price on a Jean Ragnotti? I wonder if one of those could be had in RHD. Same car...

And I am one of those oddballs who has driven many a car with no radio, AC, ABS etc. and loved it!

  BMW 320d Sport

Well I drive the wifes Beetle with no radio, no air con, no ABS, no power steering, no electric windows, one speed wipers, no heating and until very recently, no demister. And its bloody good fun to drive I reckon, even if it is slow.

I guess it depends on what you want from a car...Ive never had any of the luxuries you tend to get as standard with a lot of brand new cars, eg ABS and aircon, so I wouldnt miss them. I like the feeling that my hands and feet are the front wheels and my arse is the rears, when Im thrashing my Clio about along the B-roads. As cars have got more modern, on the whole, the driver gets more detached from the car theyre driving. If the Cup can ditch some luxuries and go some way towards making the driver feel theyre part of the car then its a good car to buy.

who cares!!!
people can get what they want.
you said youself capt, that its faster to 100....thats enough for me.

i can drive in my underwear in summer no probs.

who cares!!!
people can get what they want.
you said youself capt, that its faster to 100....thats enough for me.

i can drive in my underwear in summer no probs.

LOL - Nuff said - Drive and let drive!!
I distinctly remember when the new MK2 172 came out there was such a sl*gging match from MK1 owners - simply because everyone wants to own the latest release - am I right??

Mate of mine popped into Abingdon to look a the Cup and the sales guy said that it was designed more for boy racers! Have to say I dont consider myself one of those!

Am not to worried about what I paid as managed to get a grand off and a very good trade in price on my GSI. Besides Im the most impatient bloke I know so I couldnt wait any longer than September!

Hopefully only a few days to go now!!!



You profess to be the oracle of everything, including 172s, but you must get to grips with the concept of choice and not imparting that your view of the world should be taken up by the world and his wife.

For whatever reason, a financially revenue-driven organisation has decided to add another product to its range. Why?? because it wants to make money and if it can improve brand-awareness at the same time, then great. Who are you to procrastinate over the decisions of these companies. If you dont like it, then dont buy it, its as simple as that. The consumer has a choice, whether to buy or not.

By your posts, you seem to be slighlty older than what could be considered as the general audience age of the board. I would therefore have assumed a greater level of maturity and common sense. OK, post your thoughts re a subject once for debating purposes, but there has been a common and general thread to your posts re anything to do with a Clio CUP that are negative. You have had your say, we all know what your views are, so why keep on with the same line of argument. Your posts re technical information and you looking into turbocharging the car are interesting and really informative, thats great and I can see you have the respect of the daily users for your knowledge and enthusiasm, I for one am one of them.

This has zero to do with my choice of buying a CUP and more to do with debating for debatings sake, not baiting!!!!
  Clio 197

Err, 172Cup, I have to agree with your posting above, but whatever the Captain was doing, he wasnt procrastinating.


its the same question and the same answer, each to their own, but were basically all driving the same car underneath so why not talk constructively about solutions to probs and all that.

clio cup can be had for as little as £11500 ive read, i paid 11970 for mine through autobytel, pick it up in a week. i have that spartan thing like the guy with the mondeo and decided id get a cup if i could get one for under 12 grand, otherwise id have an import 172.

i htink we should start a breakaway cup owners club and forum, for "real drivers" not girls who complain cause its too hot or theyve spilt barbeque sauce on their alcantara! :)


Well said 172 cup and pugboy!! LMAO !!!
500 cups in UK, 2000 in Europe - that should be a good size club! It would be totally exclusive as well to the 500 special edition cup owners (as renault put it)initially allocated to the UK! LOL !! Anybody know how many 172s there are 100,000+ ???

Mr 172Cup

you need to lighten up dood...

I am negative towards the cup, yep.. because I fail to see what it is that makes you want to go and buy a downmarket version of anything for more money than the better product.. simple really...

and, if someone somehow thinks that the cup is anything other than a cost reduction exercise, then it is only fair that an opposing view is provided on this forum where peoples opinions are perfectly acceptable.

the cup is NOT a track car.. it is NOT designed as a track car.. and it is also, not only fair, but important to point out to potential buyers that they can buy a better product for less.

you are perfectly entitled to your views as to what makes a better product, as I am as to what makes it, IMHO a rip off.

People will make up their own minds as to suitability for them.. but, as you are obviously not impressed with the negative cup underfloweth type posts, neither am I happy with the cup is the dogs type posts..

so, dont worry about it.. buy what you want.. after reading all comments, good AND bad.

Peace my son...


Ill send u the official Cup brochure and upgrade catalogue so u can read for yourself that the cup is indeed a racecar for the road - to quote the brochure -"The new clio Renaultsport 172 Cup is a very serious car. For road driving theres nothing else in sight. For compettion driving and group N rallying there is no competition - the only thing its heavy on is performance" !!! oh and its also "engineered to bring rally perfromance to road driving," and by the way its the car all the UK cup teams buy to turn into full cup racers (with the help of Rnaultsport) - they dont buy standard 172s -
all information supplied isof course only Renaults humble opinion!!


these are your words..

"and by the way its the car all the UK cup teams buy to turn into full cup racers (with the help of Rnaultsport) - they dont buy standard 172s "

And Im not 100% that your right......put me straight...


12K for my Euro import 172. Yesterday was great - a few laps of Oulton Park on a trackday, then cruised back with the CD player and aircon on ....
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

As I own a 172 and not a cup I guess I would go with a 172.

I did consider the cup but I wanted performance and toys. A Cup may be slightly better performance and handling wise plus looks good in blue, but after having cars without ABS, Aircon, etc I wanted a new car that had lots of toys. I do like to go fast but I dont need a racecar, just a fun, fast, affordable car in black that is the 172.
  Megane R26

The one good thing about the cup, is that it has stopped the " my MK1 is better than your MK2" posts. Hooray for the cup.


Hiya Cupsize m8

look, the cup is NOT a group n anything, its not a race car, or, a rally car.. it hasnt got the race cup series suspension, gearbox, wheels, brakes, dash assembly, seat, cage or chassis bracing.. It aint got the cup racer exhaust or induction system.. neither has it got an ecu the same as the cup racers. It hasnt even got an uprated clutch or quick shift.

it hasnt got serious suspension mods for any form of competition - the suspension is still, as I said before - road car granny safe understeer.

So, with that in mind, it is not a group anything.

It would indeed be a product worth considering for 3 grand less than a 172, but it is more expensive when compared to an eu sourced car.

Please dont believe everything the marketing machine tells ya..

as you can see, I am more biased towards the view that it somehow offers more.. or is in some way a track car for the average bod, or a group x y z type..

it isnt.