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sonny172cup "track car to race car project"

About time I did a write up.

I purchased this Clio 172 Cup last month in order to turn it into a track day car. It will be driven to tracks so needs to retains some bare basics.

The car already had Ktec ITB and a ECU with a Ktec stealth system mated up to a 182 header.

The car was in really good condition and on 62k miles.

The engine bay needed a bit of a tidy up but everything else seems fine.

I have the car booked in for some extra bits such as a VVT pulley (to be safe as It has not been changed) and also a 438 Cat cam with new remap.

Car when I purchased it





Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Looks like a tidy base to start with, all though I did Lol a bit at the diy catch tank and hose pipe!
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Been very busy working on the car over the past week to get it ready for the Summer track day season.

Last week I started to strip the interior out of the Clio. The front seats are staying in until I find a sutable set of frames for the Pole Positions.

Removed all this rubbish, shed about 50kg of weight.




Now looks like this.






Some 3.3ohm resistors fitted in the rear seat belt pretensioner connection to stop the airbag light from coming on



Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Oreca racing boss and resistors fitted to the airbag squib connection


Sabelt RS steering wheel fitted with sparco push buttons for the horn and maybe a data logger at a later stage


Next was to put a TSR tow strap on the front, this needed modifying slightly.


Cutting out the front panel




The hole is needed to be filed to fit the M16 X 50MM tow bolt



Finished product, I may however swap this for a 100mm bolt so the tow eye is more forward, this would stop the bumper cracking if towed from a side angle. (i.e out of the gravel trap)


Next job was fitting new spark plugs and 8mm Magnecore HT leads. The car had those silly Bosch super 4s in them...replaced with some NGK performance ones.


Next was to fit a front OMP adjustable strut brace and a new coolant bottle as the old one had seen better days


The front panel was cut out more to ease air flow into the ITB



Rear wiper was removed to free up more weight. The wiper was seized onto the bolt so out came the axe saw


Holes was plugged up and sealed with sealent and rubber grommets from Halfords




Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Also to go on are these solid top mounts, rear camber shims and front camber bolts


Also braided hoses, DS2500 pads and Brembo grooved discs, these will go on when my RBF600 fluid finally arrives.




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Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Looks good and moving at quite a pace! Bet that's going to go well with the cams!
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

2 ltr Catch tank added this evening. But dont think it looks as good as the fizzy drink can ;)



Delivery guy dropped of these supplies today, only bad thing running two cars that require this fluid :/

Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

As it was a nice day thought I would get the car out of the garage and crack on with some "to do" mods.

Gripper tape added to driver foot well



Whiteline rear ARB added, took it out for a test drive this evening and noticed the a massive difference.


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Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

So many nice parts going on this car. I think I may have to jump on the whiteline arb band wagon, only heard good things about them.
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Whiteline arb is good, what's it set on in the or hard...can't remember what position does what, I know mine is set to med - to lazy to go outside an look...
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

That's on hard medium is the first hole. Shorter the bar (or link position) stiffer it is sort of thing.
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

hmmm - might change mine and see what the difference is, though wondering how do I get the holes to move back so they line up with the drop links.....

When's this getting out on track - I got loads of positive comments last Monday for mine - amazed at the following (don't mean the CS guys there) of these 172 Cups, some babe asked if her boy could sit in it - lucky Sam was no where to be seen. Ah, groupies brings me back to my offshore sailing days....
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Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Yep , line the L shape brackets up in the general direction. However there is movement there i the drop links anyway. It states not to over tighten the bolts as the yellow plastic bushes will be put under strain and brake up. I do think they look a bit flimsy and weak however they do the job. Will have to see how I get on. I might even out them on the softer setting as im guessing this will promote more lift off over steer?.
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Few major updates for the 172 Cup.

I have just picked the car up from K-TEC racing to have some some work carried out. First I will thank the crew at K-tec for there advise, hospitality and professionalism. It really makes me have confident in leaving my car with them to carry out work. So again thanks guys.

I had fitted the cam package with the 438s and a complete new custom remap. I also had all belts, VVT pulley and seals done.

I also had a complementary oil change carried out. :approve:

The trip down was a eventful one to say the least, being stuck in traffic on the M25 at 6am for an hour was the least of my worries. On the M3 driving down my near side wheel bearing decided to "explode" and when I say explode thats what it felt like. So pulled over on the heard shoulder, to have a look (thinking it was the exhaust that had fallen off) nothing could be seen. A few phones calls later to ktec and it was identified that it could be an wheel bearing. So I recovered the car to the nearest service station and called the RAC out. The RAC tech came and jacked the car up and showed me the damage. The wheel was wobbling, it had 20mm play in it, so I was very lucky that the wheel had not fallen off! Few hours later the low loader came and took the car to Ktec (only 30 miles away) and the guys took the car off me to look at the damage.

On closer inspection I need a new rear brake discs with bearings, new pads and a new stud axle, this delayed the work I had so had to leave the car there for 2 days while I took there little 172 courtesy car home. I had the GF with me so as you can imagine..we needed to get home ;) iv spent over my budget for repairs and RAC bills...I was hoping that it all had better been worth it.

I picked the car up yesterday and was happy to say the least. The car drives and sounds so different and pulls very hard. Im well happy. I also had one of Ktec new panel filters fitted for the ITBs, good bit of kit. The car mad 204bhp on the rollers, Andy seems to think its being restricted somewhere. I am still running a stealth system with cats. I have decided to add a custom tail pipe (cutting a recess into the rear bumper) as this should eliminate the boominess caused by the stealth (and dear I say it an extra ponnie).

Here are a few pics







power graph


Ooolala new rear discs with DS performance pads


Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Made the most of the nice brake in the weather and got some jobs done.

Today I added a Nimbus heat shield to the bulk head, this is to reflect the radiant heat from the exhaust manifold. I had this Nimbus shield left over from a previous project.




Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Break duct cooling added today.

Removed the fog lights and trimmed some of the plastic mounting away, this fits fairly well and snug.



Attaching the ducting using black cable ties either side using the screw holes for the fog light.





I removed one of two horns and split the bracket, relocating the single horn a few inches higher up to stop it fowling the ducting. The tone of the horn sounds weaker, but will do for now and will still pass a MOT.



Putting the inner wheel arch liner back in, I then cut a 103mm hole and fed the ducting in place and tied it in using 3 pairs of cable ties.


All that is needed now is a air deflector plate placed near the wishbone/suspension strut to deflect the air to the breaks.


While the arch liner was off I decided to remove the acoustic valve system, also found this yellow piece of plastic in there too!


A little teaser of my Speedlines


Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Cracking along :)

Looks great. Wheels (and those tyres) are sexual!!
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Cars looking awesome and bet it goes well now :)! I had a bearing go at Brands although I didn't notice until I got home! Was in quite a state :(
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Cars looking awesome and bet it goes well now :)! I had a bearing go at Brands although I didn't notice until I got home! Was in quite a state :(

Yes she does fly now, pretty happy with it. I bet that wad a nightmare having the bearing go on a track. Did is make a loud banging noise or was it more of a humming/wobbling sound?
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

Yes she does fly now, pretty happy with it. I bet that wad a nightmare having the bearing go on a track. Did is make a loud banging noise or was it more of a humming/wobbling sound?
I heard a loud bang but we thought that was the arch liner that flew off lol! Car felt fine though for the last 15 mins of the race but it was mega ruined when we came in! Couple of CM movement :(
Re: Namakubi Clio 172 Cup "track project"

A long overdue project update.

Work on the Clio “track day project” has picked up again.

So what have I been up to?

I took the front seats out and replaced with one of my Recaro Pole Positions. I b*****dized the side mount to make it fit to an OMP sub frame. Now there fixed and a 4 point 3’’ harness is in place. I will relocate the harness back straps to a roll cage when I get one fitted (I am aware that they are below the recommended safety angel). I will be putting the other seat in when I get more time as its a tricky job (you have to unbolt the seats from underneath the car, and also calls for some angel grinder action).

The weight of both the old OEM seats was a combined 44kg, the PP with bracket weights 8.5kg, so combined your looking at 17kg. I think this car weights around 940kg now (could well be less).






I also replaced both the Engine and Gear box mounts with some KTR jobbies (the later was fun, thanks Nick for help over the phone).




She is now sporting some new ears in the form of some FIA Life line GT saloon wing mirrors. I removed the old ones so I could be the internals. I had to make up some blanking plates from an old paper shredder carton (very Ghetto)





To further reduce weight, the carbon canister and brackets was removed



Last thing, I added a breather to the catch tank, this was needed as vapour kept coming out of the inlet pipe. Note the nice shade of Blue matches the car.... ;)



So now the car is ready for its first outing to Snetterton 300 this Thursday. Will report with video footage when I return.

Thanks for reading, any comment/feedback welcome.