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Sorry, stupid tyre question....

  02 plate 172
What tyres were fitted as standard to 172's? Am I right to think that PE2's were brought in for the 182? and is the PE2 THAT much better than whatever came before it? They are a bit pricy, but just trying to justify the extra cost really....
I was abit skeptical about them as well but after trying them I doubt I'll ever use anything else for the Clio. Great tyres.

Oh and it was continental sport contacts that were fitted to the 172 Cup as standard, not to sure if that was the same for the 172 though.
  500 Twinair
I know that the michelin exalto's were designed for the 182, not sure on the previous tyres for the 172.
They are pricey but very good, overall good performance in dry and wet.
Look at the search button for tyres, such as yoko, bridgestone, hanook and toyo, dont really rate toyos that much apart from the r888 and t1r.
  02 plate 172
Currently have Toyo T1r's on and they are good in the dry, but IME a bit hit and miss in the wet. I've got a Conti on the spare that seems good.

So I'm looking at more Toyo's (cheap and cheerful) Conti sport 3's (a bit more and should be good) Or PE2's (yeah they're pricy, but they seem to be the daddy's!)

Stupid question number 2 : Were all the 182 PE2's 205 profile? I'm not sure wether it would be wise to retro-fit the bigger tyre to the older car, even though the vehicle weight/intended use is almost identical.

Yes I know, I worry too much....:eek:
Yeah all 182s were fitted with the 205 width as standard, alot do fit 205s to the 172s as well. The only thing you'll probably notice is more tramlining when burying the throttle.

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Iv currently got toyo t1Rs on my 182. I used to run PE2s. TBH they are the best all round tyre you can get for the 182. I know what il be buying next! They are awesome tyres

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Sorry for my poor wording :eek: I'm trying to say that PE2's are the best. I regret not forking out the extra £30 per corner for them.


PE2's are great, I'd never fit anything else to mine.

IIRC aren't they the same tyre that Porsche fit to one of their cars??