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Swapping -30mm Eibach springs for standard 182 OE

  Peddled device
As above. They have been on my 182 Cup for about 10k and they did totally transform the way the car handles and feels. But....

...Maybe I am getting old.I think I still prefer the way the car was on OE springs...just seemed a little softer.

Where's the best place to source the OE springs...and what do you think the Eibachs are worth?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 cup
I have just put Eibach prokit on my 182 cup. Not found the ride any stiffer,but a bit choppier and hight is much the same.Found the front wheels loose traction easier when crossing the road camber coming off a roundabout.Not realy had it in the dry yet. I fitted them as the dealer was quoting about £90 per front spring and i needed 2. so just went for 4 Eibach. I prefered the cup springs but its good to have 2 complete front springs again.

If any one knows a good price for OE Cup spring let us know.
Stick them on E-bay and see what you get.