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Thankyou and Goodnight...

A few weeks ago I mentioned Id ordered a Clio Cup and someone was rather quick and said it would never be as good as the Cooper S. Id like to point them to this months Autocar. Heres a little clip....

"But before you dismiss the Renault totally, just mull this one over in your mind for a moment. Imagine yourself sitting at a set of traffic lights in you new Cooper S. The lights go green and your floor the throttle to impress the upstart in the Clio on your right, having flicked the silly traction control off for maximum effect, of course.
And then the Clio Cup just leaves you for dead. Makes you look like you bought the wrong car "

The defense rests.....


( Sat at his desk feeling awfully smug! )


  Shiny red R32

Sangy, you are a few days behind us, as on Tuesday, there were loads of messages on this subject!! I wondered whether Cooper-S Boy was going to change his mind and order a Cup instead of his underpowered Mini! Enjoy it!

perils of going on holiday and not being arsed to look at all the posts that have been placed!

Anyone up at Santa Pod tomorrow? will be driving A Pulsar GTI-R courtesy of Norris Designs which should handle itself pretty well in the quarter mile.

My underpowered Cooper S works......really underpowered running 205 bhp GR!!
Not going to bother boasting and going through the performance figures but I will safely say it will beat ALL Clio range quite easily. Then again so it should with the combined bhp/torque/handling.
Shame it wont be here till January but at least I will have my underpowered Cooper S to play around in untill then.
Still I would get my arse kicked against an EVO or an M3 but at 21 Im not really ready for a family car yet.
Plus the Clio cup is a stripped down racer for the track rather than the road wouldnt you agree. I think it looks great personally from the outside and am impressed with the performance. Maybe if I was loaded I would consider as a second car for some B road thrashing but as I am not I will stick to a bit of classiness and performance rolled into one.