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The cup


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172 cup, ph1
Some background first..

A couple of months ago I started putting the ph1 together with the new angled DCOE setup to replace my current OBX bodies and I happened upon a problem. With a filter I was just outside the car! Unfortunately the space at the front just wasn't going to work so I needed a way to get more. Phase 2 time then!

The V6 is away for quite a bit of work currently so something to double as a run-around while it's away then get built into an ITB's monster was the goal

Always fancied a cup so I had a look around the classifieds etc and they really have appreciated over the last year or two! Saw a few ropey ones but couldn't find one I wanted. Thought I'd pm @Daniel on the off chance he knew of any having bought from him in the past and knowing he doesn't buy shite.

Low and behold he had one that was mid way through recommissioning, the rest is history!

Here's the car as it arrived to me, all it needs to be perfect is a set of arch liners, little bit of paint (bumpers and bonnet), a screen and some miles putting on it. Oh, and the correct pillar badges because I'm a bit of an OCD c*nt.




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  Whichever has fuel
And you need an undertray. Which is still in the wrapping in the back of my car.... 🤦‍♂️

can’t wait to see where this goes. You’re certainly not shy on spending money on your cars!


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172 cup, ph1
I was a little late in my first post so a few bits got done Yesterday...

Yesterday it had B14s installed, PMS rear anti roll bar (19mm) and a PMS front strut brace and solid top mounts.

Chucked it all in the car to take to a mate's workshop.


The PMS RARB needs the rear beam to come down on one side, apparently this has become a hot spot for rust on these cars. Not this one! The captive bolts were an absolute pain but we got it done along with the rear B14 springs and shocks, I know some remove the adjuster for the lows
but mine are set about 3/4 down it for the ride height I wanted.

Did find a little rust, I'll get it sorted when it goes in for the other bodywork, inside the rear arches is mint however.


Fronts and the front brace went on easy, I'm trying out a proprietary coilover anti corrosion spray to see if it's worth a friend marketing it.



Put it on the tracking setup, it'll need re-doing because I forgot to buy camber bolts (now ordered). The rear beam on this one is superb, the sides are within a minute of each-other, one of the best I've ever seen and crazy on a 92k hot hatch!


Not a huge change in ride height over the apex springs but the way it drives is night and day, supple and perfect for the road. It's a little tramliney but I'm hoping we can sort that next it goes in for tracking.

Did intend to fit my Brembo conversion and DS1.11 pads but unfortunately we spend ages getting the rear beam down and ran out of time.


Next up - Brembos, quaife'd box, ttv flywheel. They're all sat downstairs waiting for a free ramp!


ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172 cup, ph1
Disaster struck yesterday! Did you know the AA don't take you in the van now? PITA.

Dragged back to a mate's workshop, diff circlip, my bad :)

Could just fit a new circlip but I had a few bits lying around so I guess they'll get thrown on tomorrow....

Ex Sharky gearbox with a quaife in it, freshly rebuilt by Frank Rizutti of Avanti Motorsport, TTV flywheel, standard clutch and flywheel bolts and 5L of Titan gearbox oil.







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  Clio 172
They way the car revs with a lightened flywheel is awsome. Some excellent mods you have already done too. Bilstein B14'S are excellent too, would like to get a set for my recently acquired Cup.

Looks awsome 👍