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The running man..............

  mk2 172

he he he, was thinking about this VTS vs mk1 clio and its like the film running man.

VTS being the unliked "Ben richards" whos done no wrong, well almost

got dragged into this little show, first came professor sub zero(CLIO_16_BOY), then a good challenge but not quite from buzzsaw eddie butowski (adiclio16v).

and at the minute were on dynamo, quite fitting how during the film dynamo was "down but not out" kinda like rhys with his cat problem.

lol my bored mind

adams_2k thought it was funny anyway!

fireball to the locker room;)

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

"A game nobody survives, but Craggy has yet to play"

Who is next to stalk:

Buzzsaw (adiclio16v)
Dynamo (Ryhs)
Fireball (unknown)
Subzero (clio_16v_boy)
Captain Freedom (unknown)
  320d M Sport

That must make me some kind of double hard bastid they hard to cut from the know being too scarey and all that ;)