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Jas,you say you dont like being acused of something you didnt do!

but thats the point in this case.You didnt do ANYTHING to nip the thing in the bud in the first place.The "alone" thread" could of been locked to stop it getting out of hand and did you do ANYTHING to stop one of your mates from taking it upon his self to start flaming joe? Theres 4 people involved in this mess and 3 of those know each other socialy-wheres the impartiality in that?

Cheers Slayer
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Just dont understand why the topic was closed... no need to that, like no need for slarty stop posting.

hum... I guess theres something else... coming from where, just dont know and just dont care since cant do jack sh*t.

Once again, posting can be moderated, but NOT phorbiden.


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So do I, and BenR will as well when he finds out!

Surely there is plenty of room for everyone here. Some peoples opinions shouldnt be taken too seriously, life is too short!

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You cant be the sharpest tool in the box if you reckon that! Sylvia, I started the micky taking in the thread but i wasnt aware of squirts personal circumstances just like joe.If the moderator did there jobs propely this wouldnt of happened.Some peoples faces just dont fit on this forum and from time to time the knifes seem to be out for them.



  Shiny red R32


I realise that some of us here, me included, torment you, and post daft pictures of what we think you drive etc, but it is mostly tongue in cheek and a bit of a laugh and I think you just take it all with a pinch of salt and I hope that nobody here gets offended!


IMHO most of this has started since the new forum was created, I think the star system is a problem, as everyone should be equal at the end of the day 99% of the forum users are Clio owners, members or no members, there should be no problem with people posting, I enjoy the forums very much and am very grateful to the orgainsers as I know it takes alot of time and effort to make it all work, at the end of the day it is all about opinions, you do not have to take any notice of other peoples opinions or you can take them to heart the choice is the forum user.

I think the forums will greatly miss Captain Slarty, I may not have agreed with everything IMHO i do not believe he had any intention of upsetting anyone.

Quote: Originally posted by 172 slayer on 26 October 2002

Jas,you say you dont like being acused of something you didnt do!

but thats the point in this case.You didnt do ANYTHING to nip the thing in the bud in the first place.The "alone" thread" could of been locked to stop it getting out of hand and did you do ANYTHING to stop one of your mates from taking it upon his self to start flaming joe? Theres 4 people involved in this mess and 3 of those know each other socialy-wheres the impartiality in that?

Cheers Slayer
Hi Slayer - might I be so bold as to ask you to name the 4 people involved and what you think the "social" relationship is between them - just so we can all make up our own minds on it?
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An interesting point is that the only reason these kind of things happen is because of the tolerance of the moderators and - lets be blunt here - the *owners* of this online facility. IMHO whoever runs the forum has the right to do what they want which would include just banning people who seem to be involved in arguments all over the shop. However, Cliosport does not ban people like this as a matter of course - but reading this thread maybe we should? Clearly there are some people who would have been kicked off a long time ago on any other forum, who are still exercising their right to complain because they are given that freedom on here.

And another thing - Cliosport exists because of the dedication of its admin staff, reps and members to meeting each other - its no good moaning because lots of us know each other personally rather than just being handles on a forum. If youre a member who hasnt had the chance to meet up with fellow members yet, then go for it, at some stage everyone on here has had to take the plunge! If youre not a member, then you have no right to moan about anything the club does. IMHO of course.

Im talking in general here, not just on the particular issue at hand - but remember, he who pays the piper calls the tune.


ClioSport Admin
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oh dear, oh dear. Whatever way I could have turned I would have got slated. No win situation. Deleting threads or closing threads is not something I really want to do. Also, I do have a life outside of cliosport, and sadly I dont get to read all the posts. I do what I can, when I can. I closed Joes thread earlier because the point had already been made, why clog the forum up with more posts that arent to do with Clios?

BUTRE, Im not stopping Slarty posting, his ID is still active, if he wants to post, as Ive already said on the other thread, he can. I, as Ive already said, I have never told him to stop posting.

Sorry to come in a bit late to this but why do u guys get so offencive to anyhing the slayer says.

every car has there up and downs but in the end thats why we buy them.

I must say some of the post i read about the slayer are childesh, hesh the reason I bother to add to the topic.

Dont mean to cause offence just my option
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This thread I have to laugh at. ;)

1. Jaine posted a reasonable topic and people started to slate her, why ? They never took time to ask her why she was down and the undelying reason so I think Jaine was well justified in her replies.

2. Anyway this site is about input from people and not blatant put down answers from people who just rubbish your attempts at creating a solution.

3. If you can dish it out, then you must be able to recieve what you have dished out, another words dont take the p1ss if you dont like the p155 being taken out of you.

4. In no way were the admin team invovled in the incident so why are they being strung up ? Jas and the team work bl00dy hard to get thing oganised for the site and when 1 thing goes wrong its their heads on the blocks ! Maybe people should look at the big picture and see what a good job they have done bringing over 400 people together that share a common goal.

Just my 2p worth.
  FRST and 106 GTi

ok.. whatever.. lets just put this all thing behind us and move forward.

Im hopping to some day get this clio I own running like it should be. Lets get technical on this one and forget rubbish.

Gentleman and ladies, Start Your Engines!
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Absolutely correct Chavy I couldnt have summed it up better myself mate (oops we better try not to be pals any more in case anyone gets the hump about it...)

So anyway whats everyone think of that new Fiesta RS concept car thats on the cover of Autocar this week? IMHO that is one wacko mental car that I would love to have outside my house...even if it is a Ford!

I like it - and really like the Focus RS.

But Id prefer a Clio V6 to think of it, a Clio V6 Mk1.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Yeah, I have to say Im secretly holding out hope that by some sheer luck I can own a Clio v6 Mk2 next year, thats an awesome car, in my opinion better than that Fiesta!

what! Capts. gone again!!!!

jeesus.........back to boring ram air and lowring........*just kidding* Just Kidding*!

MY fezzy!!! LOL

what the hell happened here!

im gonna read it....BRB.......

Oh, as GR says, most of the stuff here is tongue in cheek...and mi for one am a right sarcy bastars...take everything i say as a joke..........*just joking* LOL

What a load of bollox you lot going on about. This site is for clios not ya local social. Lets try and keep this site how it should be, not an internet chat room.

If your post isnt about clios then dont post in the Disscusion Forum - SIMPLE


well, simple fact is that its that way an always will be...its eveloved and people have ended up doin what they do.

But to have people leave over personal matters is just plain sad. Why should it get to that point?

Having read everything now, i think its all plain sh*t and if you cant see sarcasm that blatant a mile have been suckled for far too long. Nothing personal with anybody, i dont have tiffs nor quibbles with anyone, i like everyone.........but this is just plain sad.

Capt. soz to see you go again

It took me ages to find out what had happened. :confused:

As I see it, Joe could have used one of the followings to deal with the situation: (a) apologise to Janie after learning the backgound. This would be the best option to end the matter; (b) stop responding to that thread. This would be an OK option. If he was bored, he could spend the time keeping us informed of his turbo project progress or (c) go away and blame others for the decision he made. He had chosen (c), the worst option.

Cant support him this time. :cry:


I go away for one weekend and its WW3 on here!

Ive spent 45 mins reading everything this morning.

Ive laughed, cried, shook and had warm fuzzy feelings for a number of people! this drama has everything!

As such Ive printed out the pages and am going to make a screenplay. Hard-man Robert de Niro to play the Captain and beautiful Cameron Diaz to play squirt. Watch me rake those dollars in as its going to be a Box-office smash!

Shame there was no happy ending as they always sell better :(


i thinks even in the locked topic joe, still shows no respect for jaine with his bleeding comment, would ave thought he would have apologised not carried on making himself look like an arse.......

i was bought up to respect people, especially women, they gave ya life dont be so dissrespectful!

thankoooo that is all...

I think one thing seems to have been missed by most people here;

Its all too easy to offend / annoy in an email / forum etc.... you can easily write things that you wouldnt normally say... things that you say can easily me "misread"

Its like calling someone a c*nt;

say it to their face in a joking way and its a joke (if its mean that way)

say it in an email.. or in a post.. its a different matter...(and you dont know how it was meant)

things that you say in normal conversation that you usually follow up with a wink or a smile dont come across right "online" etc.

like everyone else here, i have read through all the posts we are talking about and all i can say is that unless there is some previous history between Joe and Jaine that i have missed then i really cant see how this has all got so out of hand.

joe doesnt seem to launch scathing attacks on PEOPLE.. and i dont think he was in this case..

yeah sure... he has strong opinions on what works and what doesnt work and he doesnt beat about the bush and just comes out with what he thinks (technical wise)

from what i have read (and correct me if im wrong here) he has made a lot of useful input and hasnt gone around attacking people or their personalities....

yes... maybe in light of later information in this now infamous topic, what he said, however innocently intended may have caused hurt.. but i really dont tihnk he meant it to do so...

what followed just seemed (to me) to be people being genuinely nasty to him... yes... cant think of a better word as I am watching coupling at the moment...

seemed a bit like certain people just unleashed any pent up feelings they may have had and all directed at joe..

bint.... wow...once again... you call someone that in the REAL world and depending on how you say it .. you may just get a slap or you may get called a w**ker.... all could be just friendly banter.....but on here..... people assume the worst... ...and quite possibly incorrectly......

same with the bleeding thing.... christ.... ive heard that joke so many times.. usually in female company..its not disrespectful...ok... to some people... and in some company.. im sure it is..but to a lot of people its either a bit of a crude joke or just a bloke thing to be honest... at that stage in the proceedings... i dont know if he was pissing around or if he was generally pissed off with everything but by then it was too late....

ive never even really spoken to the bloke but having read all this, i cant help but think that this is a crap way to leave things... whether he can post or not doesnt come into it......if he was going to apologise then he harldly got a chance after the quickfire abuse he received...

my 5ps worth :)

if any of the above doesnt make sense.. please blaim Stephen Moffat the writer of "Coupling".......

i totally agree with u mate... ( plus i love that programme ) but how hard is it to click.. new topic, title it Apology to Jaine and just put inside, sorry he didnt mean it to sound like it did ... blah blah blah....

makes it seem like he WAS being nasty......

i know what you mean but after the barrage of abuse he suddenly received.....

maybe he just didnt click post........

I, too dont see that Joe had an intention to offend Jaine. However, he should have apologised once he learned that his comments had hurt her. Moreover, labelling others as Taliban as a final remark is also very unfriendly and unnecessary.

Hope that one day he will appear again. If he can do that by making an apology first, much better.

I certainly will bow.

It certainly was simply the last straw Matt - he did leave for a couple of days about 6 weeks or so ago...

Also, to the people saying you assume the worst when something is written rather than spoken in person... the fact is that people (including Joe) are patently aware of this fact and you do one of 3 things...

1. Say it like Joe did and you can later say I didnt mean it that way, even though you probably actually did

2. Think a bit more before you post and post appropriately so that things do not get take the wrong way

3. Possibly use smilies in appropriate places, though this can be an extension of point 1, just masking it up as a joke after sl*gging someone off

In the end Joe is a big boy and knows the score - he is not naive. He knew what he was posting and knew that it had offended and still did nothing about it - and the sooner people forget about it and move on the better.

if there ever was a saying, it has to be The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

Technical stuff is not a problem, people just come out with it and we all get the right context straight away, but in general chit chat we really all should engage brain, open mouth.

the only thing getting abused on here should be cars. And maybe some people should go away and abuse themselves, release a bit of tension..........


Quote: Originally posted by Matt - Leics on 29 October 2002

Great idea technical man.. back in five mins ;)
Why 5 minutes Matt... what you doing for the other 4 minutes and 48 seconds ?? :D