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Track Time - French Car Show 2008

Day - Cheers for sorting.
Original times were 11:30 and 14:30.
Have they changed? Also what time before start do we have to report for briefing etc?
Well spotted, times are 11:30 & 14:30!!
As for sign on times, I've not been given any details as yet.
all sign on times, disclaimers and instructions etc are on the paperwork/track tickets. The track ticket is basically a letter/discliamer rolled into one

These are sent out when clubs settle track time invoices, I think CS are still collecting.

  172 Race Car
Will they be doing parade/out laps behind the safty car at slow speed so we get an idea of the track or will it just be an off you go type thing?

They did two laps behind the pace car at the Bedford RS evenig the other day and i thought it was a good idea, least i knew the track a bit


  V6, M4, R500
You still taking me out for a spin? Will need to bring my skid lid if so.
You try and avoid it fella :evil:
I'm going to be hungover to fook! So you'll be faces with 2 scenario's

1/ getting drunk off ma breath
2/ Me throwing up as you send us Pirouetting across the grass!


Good will put the helmet in the boot.....that vast space under my bonnet! :(
I'm still awaiting for all the detailed information to be sent to me regarding the finer details of the sessions.

In the mean time there are a limited number of places still up for grabs, PM me for details :)
  clio 172 sport, zxr6
this should be good fun:clown:

will you be handimg out the passes when we get there? as iam working away and i will be travelling straight to the show from work.

has anyone booked any other track time?
iam booked on the 10.30 till 11
and the 16.30 till 17.00
as well as the 2 clio sport sessions
  Suzuki Swift Sport
Does anyone want my track time? make me an offer... I cant make the show at all now as im going to a wedding £20?


i will have it pal, ive got £19 in my pay pal that i can give to ya?
how does this work though??? did the admin say it was ok to sell it on??? do i get some sort of ticket thanks???
Members who are unable to attend are entitled to sell any tracktime on to other members of the club.

I just ask that they let me know asap so I can give people the right forms on the day.
  172 Race Car
I have a question or two.

Do passengers have to attend a briefing/fill in forms at all and can i have a different passenger for each session?
each passenger MUST attend sign up, sign a disclaimer and they will be given a passenger wristband. This lasts all day for them. yes you can have multiple passengers but only one at a time whilst on track

  172 Race Car
We did!

Thanks to Day for sorting it all out, really enjoyed it. Second session especialy.

Any idea why we ended up on the shorter BTCC style layout, instead of the big international one that was advertised?


ClioSport Club Member
You seemed to be at home on that Track Burp... I was Passenger in JamesS' 172 Cup with White Wheels and you came Past with ease
  172 Race Car
The amount of rubbish blowing around on the main straight was unreal in the second session. had to dodge all the bags, didnt want one covering the radiator
a guys showplate came off on ours and went under my car and shot up in the air, i just drove straight at it, that or jap style drift it into the gravel!


ClioSport Club Member
My GF was Passenger in a 172 Cup in the 1st Session and said you were going well FOxy... Your car was looking quite Strange with those Front Wheels though
  Willy + Modus DCi
the half 2 one was great well and truly popped my track cherry!! dude i wanna see some footage!
My GF was Passenger in a 172 Cup in the 1st Session and said you were going well FOxy... Your car was looking quite Strange with those Front Wheels though
yeah, was a last minute jobby, had to lend them off someone, as i didnt fancy running it on steelys with 55 profile tyres!
  Black 172 MK2
track time was wicked, my first ever track time (not be me my last) just made slightly scary with the wind. O went alot better in the 2nd session now all i need is a good suspension set up :)