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Track Time - French Car Show 2008

If anyone requires payment details please PM me

Still time up for grabs as well

Note: you do not have to of been on the previous lists.
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  PH2 172
thats ok then im going to order my ticket for the show next week and the track pass do i get in with the cliosport club on the track when i order ym pass
Please remember payment is required by the end of this month.

Don't miss out as I'm now allocating places on a first come first served basis...
Confirmed list so far - still loads of time to get those payments in.


* 2 sessions
s**t - you track nuts are going to be lapping me every other lap!
i'm going to be going pretty steady on the first session being my first time driving out on track then may go abit quicker on my second, i've seen so many other noobs get to the first couple of corners and wipe out
  m-tec bmw 325 ci spo
day can i pay the end of next week i got engine probs but will find out whats happening next tuesday?
I know, I watched Mike take off your cylinder head yesterday :p

No problem mate, I have factored in a comfort zone in regards to payment...
One dedicated session and a half with the potential to make it two full sessions if people commit.
Just updated the first post :)

Session 1: 11:30 35 Slots
Session 2: 14:30 20 Slots*

Cost: depending on payment methods, Cheque/Paypal
1 Session = £37/£38.50
2 Sessions = £74/£77

*option to fill 2nd session for club

For payment details and where to send please PM me and I'll pass this information on via PM/Email.
There was some early confusion regarding the number of places available.

I've paid a deposit for 35 cars on the first session and 20 on the second.

Despite early interest we're not full on any session at the moment hence the reason why places are being guaranteed on payment.
i may have a problem acctually, ive heard a car fail a 98db test at oulton and mine was louder than it :(

French Car Show Site said:
Noise Limits on the day will be: 98dB measured at 0.5metres and 45° from the Exhaust at ¾ of max RPM