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TT vs Makinen Lancer vs my 16V

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Got well shown up lnite.....

Pulled up to some lights near the thing hear brrrrrrrrrrrr tshhh and see in my rear view two cars flying behind had 3 pairs of lights on main beam , thinking what the hell is this???!?

So im parked in the far right hand of three lanes....Tommi Makinen Lancer pulls up next to me, and a black TT roadster in the left lane ready to give it some....

Soon as lights changed i was soooooo embarrassed - feckin wheelspin in the wet arggghhhhh!!!!! Lancer was off....TT not far bout two car lengths behind the TT, then after third, that was it....

That Lancer was very quick - seemed to stick to the road like nothing else ive seen, and this was in the wet....

Went home very disheartened....need more power....fcuk!

I tell you what though, I bet these Evo and Scooby owners say the same about other cars, its always the case, you just cant get enough of a good thing. Its a nasty circle and it doesnt stop, unless you own a Pagini Zonda or a Radical SR3, or even that twin engined beast from tiger cars, 0-60 in 2.8secs with road legal tyres.

Beware the vicious circle, its got me!
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Was looking forward to an engine management chip being fitted in Jan aswell....somehow takes away the excitement, and had me looking in the sports & performance section of the autotrader too....!

But ill keep the valver 4 now.....

Raced a TT 225BHP in the cup - he wernt going nowhere! Lancer in a nother league - its 0-100 u ask about for those beasts not 0-60!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well once my Clio Turbo is on the road, well see how quick the Evos are against a real car! Seriously Im gonna ring up Adam and get him to bring his Evo down to the Pod for a shootout.

As an ex-owner of a Evo 6 TME for about 18 mths, I can confirm they are V. qiuck. Mine was 400BHP running 1.6bar. 20mpg going steady 8mpg whilst pressing on. As you say the range was sh*te 150 miles fun if your in the mood not when your not!!.

Anyway Im a 172 pilot now so lets hope I can still have fun and after my test drive Im sure I will. Quite good around the corners arent they.