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valver wide track questions

  ph1 172
My driveshafts are on their way out and im considering a wide track conversion.

I might have some williams shocks coming my way for cheap so all it would end up costing me extra would be the 19 16v wishbones and an antirollbar.

Q1. The driveshafts would be on exchange, do you recon they would notice that im returning some slightly shorter ones?

Q2. Is it really worth going to all the effort for a tiny 36mm extra? I cant really see it making a noticable difference...
They might notice the shortert shafts. You could always buy the drivers side one I've got which is gaterless if you want (sorry to plug).

Yep different is huge Renault did this for a reason.
Best change all the ball joints top mounts and anti roll bars its not much extra.
Dooooo iiiiiit

Done it on mine - handles superbly now :D though I admit that I've far from reached the limits of the handling on the road - need to get on track!

I did basically everthing on mine (or rather matbrown did basically everything LoL) and it's TIGHT now :cool:
1. they won't notice, I have handed in all sorts from a cut up sierra propshaft for a driveshaft and the best was a cut up broom handle stuck in old cv's at renault.

2. yes it is.

3. I have a 19 arb for sale