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What happens when you lend your Girl.....

your car ?????

she reverses it into a "boulder" which "wasnt there when she parked" and then forgets to mention it untill u notice the next day!!!!!:mad:

ahh love her never mind!:devilish:


(this isnt a sexist rant before i get berrated with equal rights quotes):D

my gf drove into her own house..the accelerator was stuck, yeah right. And they get lower insurance premiums, crazy!

(i am very sexist and i dont care if any ladys are offended)

Yep, All the kerbing on my alloys was caused by by "better half"..

But then, having her on my insurance actually reduced it last year!


hey at least she didnt total it i suppouse as she has just reminded me!

check out the crash gallery blue dynamique ooopppssss forgot bout that!:)
  2012 WRX Waggon

err I mashed one of my wifes alloys plus tyre on the Audi - Why do they make kerbs so bleedin high?

Now I am scared to death to let her drive my Clio, just incase she is the vengeful sort!


  Audi TT Stronic

my GF mum drove into the garage door and almost ran over her hubbie at the time (who was in said garage)

And women think the reputation is undeserved ... tut tut..
  190 BHP Willy 2

To be fair my girlfriend is a very good driver. She certainly puts my clio through its paces, but then she is used to driving fast cars and certainly doesnt drive like most women I know.


Maybe she aimed at her hubbie KDF, and the accident was a cover story!!;) . Seen some very bad women drivers on the roads, and some even worse men!!!!
  clio 20v

ive just got back from the bodyshop to drop my misses off to pick up her car after she drove straight into a trailer

and yes it was attached to a big car and was parked at the side of the road



Still cant see the problem, perfectly good parkin!!!! ;)