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What price for this Clio 16v

My flatmate has a K-reg (on a private plate) Phase 1 Clio 16v in flame red. Hes near to buying a CTR - sorry, couldnt get him to buy a 172 - and will probably be selling the 16v privately.

Its more or less standard: apart from some five spoke 17s, Pipercross induction and a Magnex back-box. Hes the 2nd owner and it has a FSH. It is totally immaculate and has two new rear arches on the back. It has always been serviced and maintained by a local Porsche garage as his dad collects Porches (not that the Porsche association makes it a lot better - but the mechanics are always good!!).

The only problem is that it has 128k on the clock - motorway miles though.

What sort of price should he be getting for it privately? Would anybody be interested in a car with these miles?

I only got £1500 p/x for my J plate, it also had high motorway mileage. I was told Id have been able to sell it for about £3000 privately, so it would be best to try that option first.


By the way its not flame red unless hes had it resprayed!

More likely to be 763 etruscan red (like daves) or 719 carmen red (like mine).

Sad i know!!!


I know its not flame red, but I didnt want to leave it at "red" - as one of our less familiar friends might have thought it was a metallic red (not available on Phase Ones as we know). Its the brighter of the two flat reds.

Bit different here m8.. .. he is buying from a flatmate, so should know the car well, a luxury that you dont often have when purchasing a vehicle cold


my apologies, I thought the poster was about to buy it !.. in that case, then the book price is 850-1500 any more than that and count yer blessings. !


Ben if its in Bristol rather the the grim north then im sure it will fetch sensible money, £2500, i atruggled like hell to find mine, i looked at a rough one is WSM with 130k onit and it went for £2600,

is it the one seen in Bristol now and again?

Lofty - Im going to be back in Bristol on and off for the next few weeks, then back for good in october. Youll have to come over and see the car when its parked with mine. We park them both in our compound with big gates at the back of the flat - it looks really nice to see two 16vs together!

Look out for his car - its reg B ** FAB (his name is Fabio).
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Thats a lot of miles on a French car whether its a Valver or not!

If the gearbox, cambelt, power steering pump, clutch etc have all been done in the last 50k miles, then it would fetch book price (if I was buying it) - without these Id pay a grand tops, cos youre almost guaranteed that these will need doing, and theyre expensive.
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128k is nothing. If theyre looked after "properly" from day 1 then there is no reason why they should keep going and going. Mileage is only a number. I would have no hesitation in buying a car with 130 odd k on the clock if it had the history and maintenance records to match.

Too many people in the country have 100kitus. Mind you thats a good thing, cos it makes for a sound bargain.


As I say, hes the second owner - picked it up at 60k miles in 1997. Full service history since day one. Would be a bragain for anyone who wasnt afraid of the miles, though I have to admit that I would be a little nervous myself as I do 10-15k per annum.

Its not for sale yet as I say, but itll be on here when it is.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

FSH since day one...wsounds like a good buy for someone, specially as hes had it for so long.

He had many problems with it?