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Willy gearbox part no please

  mk2 172

i know i asked this before but i would be very grateful for this as im gonna put in the order, and can anyone confirm there source cos i wanna be sure its the right one as those whove seen me change gear would know a valver box would last about a week. mine is officially fukt, whines like a banshee its unreal clutch slips like mad in 1st and 2nd too. so im gonna spend about 1300 big ones this month in maintenance. not sure whether or not it will survive york after last nights thrash fest. tomorrow its going in to have suspension geometry set up. reno charge £70 the tw@s

im gonna get



3 engine mounts

+ fitting

any other reccomendations while the lump is out?

  Williams 2, STi N12

Sounds like you could just do with a re-build (new bearings) and a clutch.

Anyway my gearbox plate is something like - JC 5014 C0008853

Usual bits like belts whilst lump is AWOL.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah it is JC5. Ill talk about it with you on the weekend mate, but mine works like a dream. Theyre so cheap from Renault you might as well just buy one brand new. £550 on exchange.

Quote:"a valver box would last about a week"

so are the boxes different in a valver and a willy?? and what about the 19 16v?

Craggy - suggest u get some uprate engine mounts... but i guess you already know it :)
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


Mines getting a new box over the winter. Just cos theyre only £550. Want to make it nice and tight again. Do you know what the surcharge on it is, should I decide to keep the gbox, as in fact theres absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ofcourse I could give them one of my f**ked 19 16v gearboxes. Now theres a thought...


JC5S09 is the box u want..

dont just look for a jc5, that is the type only - common across many many renaults.

to be honest, any jc5 would do, but at the price of the s09 (550 plus vat exhange) then no probs.

grafting an rs turbo box on with an adapter plate / drive shaft mods / would be a good move, but costly.. renault gearboxes are not the... errr... best... out there :cry:

you could save a lot of dosh by getting any jc5 from a scrappy and plonking it in.. each would be as strong as the other... but the ratios would be slightly different..
  mk2 172

thanks a lot guys, heres an interesting one for a jcs 509 its £550.

for the one thats on mine its...............wait for it...............£2438!!!!!!!!!!!

  mk2 172

dont know joe, wheres the nuber??, renault told me today, its been on there measuring system and they checked. also need a steering rack, strut axle and bearing or summat. gonna be expensive tho.

  BMW 320d Sport

Apart from the closer ratios and longer final drive, the JC5 is a stronger box, taken from the old R19 1.9 diesel.

Thanx Nick possibly its all been said some time ago, but it would be hard to find it...

by saying the box comes from 19 1.9 diesel you mean its exactly the same? or just derives (is this the right word? - correct me if not) from it? does it fit to valver easily then?

can youi briefly explain differences inbetween? and (dis)advantages of each? cos i will need to have my gearbox fixed (2 throws out) or maybe it would make more sense just to change it for sthg new/different

thanx in advance - still learning - hope you all will help &teach me a bit :)

what is in R19 1.8 16v then? JC3 or 5? and are there any other possibilities? - for example anything from megane or sthg.?

sorry for bothering and thanx, maciek

R19 valver boxs go in, i was under the umpression that they are basicaly the same as the clio 16v box but with a longer ratio in 5th or somthing, Ben (Red16) is using on too good effect, but P1 and P2 boxs definitly vary between R19 16s anyway so the same isnt alsways true,

i got a willy box so i dont care!!!! :D

i ordered a clutch last night and everywhere i have asked both the Valeo and the LUK clutch are crossrefernced with the 16v, i thought it was a williams specific item?

i have got the part nr. from GSF for a Valeo clutch, but i dont know if these are the same as the Renault system, i will check what it is
  Clio 197

The box in my car has a red and silver tag on it.

On the red bit: JC5014

On the silver bit: CD0278

Im not sure if the "D" is really a "D" could be another 0

What is this box?