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Would i be stupid

Would i be stupid to give my clio as below:

1.8i 16v in white



16" gold team dynamics

Just had new clutch, alternator, cam belt, service and head gasket

with £200 my car for

L reg 2.0i16v calibra in red with leather 98K no history 12 months test 6 months tax

Me, Id say stick with the Clio,the calibra, with no service history you dont know whats going to go on it, whereas with your clio youve serviced it, got main things changed, you know where you are with it really.

You will be very disappointed with a non-turbo/V6 Calibra.

Still moderately good looking cars if standard, but they do not handle well at all. 2.0 16v is a real slouch compared to the Valver. Point to point, cross country, a 16v will murder a 2.0 Calibra. Only a V6, turbo or 4x4 would cause any trouble.

Different cars really, but the 16v was the best of its kind back in the day - still shows newer hot hatches where its at - just like the GT Turbo or 205 1.9 GTi do. Calibra can hardly call on that pedigree: doesnt show up an E46 BMW coupe does it? Come to think of it, it didnt show up an E36 either...or an E30...

I would stick with your 16v mate. I am not a fan of vauxalls at all. What the guys have said about the calibra is true, aint no match for your 16v, and looks wise is abit long in the tooth, 16v still looks pumped up and mean, and the no service history bit, NO WAY..Id NEVER buy a car with no s/h...asking for trouble there

I reckon youd be stupid calibras are well known for being unreliable so even with history id think twice, but with none...........

I had an 8v calibra for a while and it was a dog.

Remember, it may look smart (if thats your taste) but deep down its a cavalier.

not worth it, the calibra has a s**t build quality, with rattles from everywhere (unless extra sound-deadening has been added)

with a lack of history how can you be sure all the major parts have been changed at regular intervals (cam belt etc.)

98K is quite a few miles for an 8yr old car

plus your valver would kill the calibra in both a straight line race, and through the tight twisty stuff

Think il stick anyway just an offer i had and with all the trouble i have had lately but hey the insurance want an extra £600 quid for the 16v calibra sod that

cheers anyway