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Yellow 182 - Anyone got one

Hi All! (First post so be nice ;))

I am currently waiting to take delivery of a shiny new 182 in yellow. I absolutely loved the colour when I saw it (on-line) and decided I had to have it. The dealer in Wolverhampton was quite flexible and didnt charge me the full 1150 for the paint.

The slightly worrying thing is that excluding all the publicity photos, Ive never actually seen this colour "in the flesh" or even heard of anyone buying one!

Am I going to have a *truly* unique colour in May? (the 10th ... cant wait!!!!)

Comments? (Craig waits for "more money than sense" remarks :oops:)

Cheers All!


you lucky so-and-so Craig - it will be very rare I suspect, even the yellow on the 172 when it was free was rare !!! If I was having a 182 it would have to be that yellow too !


  911 GTS Cab

the important thing is, have you gone for the cup suspension pack to give it that contrast between the dark wheels and the bright paint?????

I love the colour but having just come from a yellow car I fancied a change so I wouldnt have gone for it, nothing to do with the money though, I would have paid the extra for it.

Youve got more money than sense!!......:p

LOL, sorry couldnt resist!

Seriously though, the yellow with anthracite wheels looked very good from what few pics I saw of it. We certainly wont miss you going the other way!

All you need now is a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses ready for the summer!! :D


Hey thanks all!

I feel less worried already :cool:

Yes I did get the Cup pack too ... I agree that with the yellow it is a must!!

So I guess Im right that nobody has (yet) got one here .. but has anyone actually seen it even? (Im still a little worried that the real thing may not look as good as the glorious promo photos :()

[I had no idea time goes *this* slowly when waiting for a new car!!!]

  Trophy 263 + 265

nice colour but


you must have lots of cash to splash mate:confused:

could have had a nice two weeks in mexico for that:D
  Trophy 263 + 265

if its more than the £300 you pay for the same paint in a different colour then its a right renault rip off:cry:
  Tappd'd RS

just seen that tit terry henry on the 182 / 172 ad - surely theyd do a proper ad now with a 182 in all the shots, not just from the back!!!


  911 GTS Cab

yes it is Danny, why are you so surprised? I think this was one of the pics taken at the dieppe factory, there were loads of Megane RSs, and 182s in all different colours lined up

You know I dont think Ive ever been on such a friendly board :D. Nearly 30 replies and nobody has been insulting ... and nearly all have been complimentory. If only all boards were like this ...

Anyway, regarding the money, Id rather not say exactly until the car is on my drive although I will say it was more than the 300 yet well under the 1000 too! (although as with all dealer-deals its a bit off here and a bit on somewhere else etc. etc) ... suffice to say I am pleased with the deal.

SpecialK, you da man! ... I will remember that line when my wife next reminds me how much I spent :oops:

Thanks for all the photos guys ... I now have rather a large collection (I have others @1600x1200 too if anyone is interested). Guess Ill just have to keep my fingers crossed that the photos are realistic ... Ill post some un-touched pics as soon as I get the car, I promise!

Thanks again for the warm welcome!



yer I was on about the baby blue one with white stripes over it, as I have seen it on the web but cant find any details about ordering one. Went to my local dealer (Sutton Park, at Sutton Park) and the muppets didnt have a clue about the yellow colour or the gordini one.

May have to pop over to wolverhampton today...what was the cost of the yellow beauty all in, and did you have the cup pack or not?

  7.6cc :D

Quote: Originally posted by craigpenton on 30 March 2004

You know I dont think Ive ever been on such a friendly board . Nearly 30 replies and nobody has been insulting ...
You smell of poo. :D

Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 30 March 2004

You smell of poo. :D
Thanks JillyB ... thats more like it ;)

BTW My previous "You da man" comment to SpecialK .. Ive just been PMed to inform me that you are in fact a lady ... sorry ... no offence meant :oops:


Quote: Originally posted by nealcoope on 30 March 2004

May have to pop over to wolverhampton today...what was the cost of the yellow beauty all in, and did you have the cup pack or not?
Retail is 16,100 I think (this includes the mailto:paint@1150+both">paint@1150+both cup extras)

I think its fair to say they will knock a grand off without any effort. All I will say until I get my car on the drive is that I did get a little more than that discounted. (although as Ive said before, I did part-ex my old Focus in so they probably had more scope to play with the figures in my case so Im truly NOT gloating ... it was a good enough deal for me though :D)


PS I spoke to Guy Lancaster in case the salesman does make a difference
  The Jinx

Top choice mate. Having seen my first 182 in the flesh this w/e I have to say that I think its the best looking incarnation of the mk2 ph2/3 Clio and have added it to my future list of potentials in a couple of years.

Id go for the Sport Blue with optional stripes meself, because I love the cheesy OTT look.