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Your not F**kin Funny Grow Up!

  Clio v6

Red 172 A127 last night. Wanted a wee race so I obliged.

He backed off at about 135mph. I carried on just to create a nice wee gap. I got to about 150 looked in the mirror and saw flashing blue light. So of couurse I slammed on the stoppers.

I was the red 172 he had a wee blue strobe light on the dash and him and his mate were having a laugh.

I dont think you are funny in the least. You need to grow up, and when you do get thrashed be man enough to let it go and not lower yourself to nasty pranks LOOSER.

What a couple of t***s alright!!

Again, out of interest, how much do you pull away from a 172 at those speeds, is it night and day??

Sorry Dash.. its naughty.. but bloody funny mate !!!!!

I got several blue lights.. what a great use. !!!!!!

sorry again... chuckle... hee hee hee.

ooooooops..... ermmmmmmmm . straight face on...

naw..... its bloody hilarious doooood..

I think he should be congratulated on a bloody excellent wind up...

  Clio v6

Well I must admit I might have done similar when I was 11.

The V6 will pull away just until a 172 is barely noticable if the road is long enough, but then who knows he may have slowed right down.


  Shiny red R32

Where were you last night ChavyBoy? Wasnt you was it in your flaming red chariot?
  Clio v6

m@thew .

I have only touched 155 a few times (briefly) but just how accurate the speedo is at that speed is questionable.

The book says tops at 147 but my 172 indicated much more than the book said.

What I cant understand is why at 130 I seem to be much much faster than 130 in the 172. All in the mind I reckon?

happened to me three nights in a row, white vectra chased me then blues go on, I slow, kids laugh! I reported them on the second night I was that p**sed off, third night i didnt slow down, it was a bloody copper car for REAL, bugger! He saw the funny side about 30 mins later once I told him the story and he checked I had reported the other car..

Close though!
  Clio v6

Some say what goes around etc.

One day a real blue light will come on in the car in front of them
  Clio v6

Not the sensation of speed as in the 172 fealt quite dangerous at these speeds and dreaded the thought of braking suddenly. I mean I seem to cover much more ground in the V6 at 130 ie get there sooner.

Not really very funny.

Funny would be to get their reg and let the fuzz know they are driving around impersonating police officers. Now I would pay to watch their faces when they get a visit from the real boys in blue!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

GirlRacer I was at home tucked up with the wife, and she can vouch for that

I always thought it was illegal to use a blue light unless you where on of the emergency services !

I can understand being pissed off because your license flashed before you eyes...other than that it was all self inflicted......they didnt force you to brake - did they - cos you could have safely eased off the gas

Who would like hitting the brakes @ 140+ on public roads!
  Clio v6

I wasnt at all bothered about hitting the brakes at my very illegal speed. My car brakes just as straight at that speed as it does any other speed. I dont get any of the wibbly wobbly like I feared in the 172. Just the damn cheek of him resorting to tricks cause he couldnt keep up that annoyed me enough to add another general post for all our club to read/discuss hence keeping our forum interesting and alive.

Theres many many cars I cant keep up with but I dont stoop to childish games,I just give them the thumbs up.

Im sorry...I think thats really funny!

I know how dangerous and how really super pi$$ed off you mustve been - but it did bring a smile to my face!

The best way to tell is if the headlights r flashing alternately - on all the cars in the met the headliamps flash alternately in time with the siren.

But then...they crash all the time round here. A few weeks back there was a panda in Chislehurst Ponds - if anyone knows how it got there I would be grateful to know!

Keep up the good work Chavy!

And Dash - be thankful it wasnt a nova or saxo!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Hold on Why does everyone think it was me ? OK I have a Red 172 but I grew out of the practical joke stage about 10 years ago when I owned my first car.

I wasnt even near the A127 on that day !
  VW Transporter 174

Theres a unwritten code of honour amongst street races that you play fair,what this 172 has done is bang out of order.
racing or doing 135 mph is serious stuff ,so to just treat it as a "joke" shows what a to55er this geezer is.
If he ever pulls a stunt like that on me he will end up getting a slap!
if its any help,have a look at that row of houses just after central car sales (kent elms) he might be ya man.


I may be wrong DASH but I think this is what was used to "trick" you into thinking the police were behind you...

A mate of mines just got back from Ibiza with a little gadget (AA battery size) that flashes a *very* bright blue light through some fibreoptic tubing on the end, exactly like a police flasher. Dont worry, she wont be using it for that purpose, trust me!
Apparently these things were everywhere so expect a lot of this sort of areseholery on the roads soon!

well i got 143mph in france in my 172 totally weighted down with beer have photo of speedo to prove f*cking scary with all that weight but i rekon with out that weight i could have given that v6 a burn